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Christmas Bear Costume Ideas

Updated on July 1, 2014

Christmas Polar Bear Baby Bunting Costume

Bear Costumes

Bears are interesting as subject matter in general, as there is a healthy respect for them by people, and in some cases, a justified fear; especially for those that have had close encounters with bears where they are thankful to escape with their lives, or at least got a real good scare out of the experience.

Having said that, there is a completely different side to bears as viewed by humans, and that is the softer, more cuddly side, probably coming from the introduction of the Teddy Bears years ago, which was named after Teddy Roosevelt, one of the presidents of the United States.

Over time that has also evolved to cartoons with bears as the main characters, and of course, in America, Smoky the Bear, who was incorporated as a cartoon spokesman for the prevention of forest fires.

That has also led to the dressing up in bear costumes, a practice in America that is probably more popular at Christmas time than any other time. In that case the popularity could have come from commercials in the past from Coca-Cola which used a polar bear and its family to advertise the product.

Finally, there have also been bears used as mascots by sports teams, which has also added to the popularity of dressing up in a bear costume as well.

In this article we'll look at Christmas bear costumes and also costumes that include a theme inspired by bears.

White Christmas Bear Costume with Scarf

This first example of a Christmas bear costume is among my favorite of those shared here. I think it's because of the fantastic, friendly and personable face that makes it so to me.

That big black nose, wide eyes, and big smile, all make for a welcoming costume to those who come face to face with it.

Also nice looking and compelling is that Santa hat and the red scarf around the neck. It's simple, but the red looks great with the white bear costume. Just get that hand ready to wave and you're set to be a great ambassador for Christmas and bears.

White Christmas Bear


Tan Bear Christmas Costume

Here is another terrific Christmas bear costume, one that also includes a friendly face and a welcoming smile.

A nice touch is the vest with a Christmas bow over it. Placing the bow part just around and below the neck gives it the appearance of being a gift. And a traditional Santa hat always works with a bear, as you can see from the first two bear costumes.

Either of these first two would be great choices for those seeking really good Christmas bear costumes to wear for the holidays.

Tan Bear Costume

Christmas Bear Costume
Christmas Bear Costume | Source

Sexy Christmas Polar Bear and Teddy Bear Costumes

The two costumes below are an example of those based upon bears, but having not too much resemblance to them. Both are cute and sexy, and the Teddy Bear costume could be worn at any time of the year.

Either one of these bear costumes would be great choices, and there is not doubt the one wearing either one would attract a lot of attention.

Both look fantastic as for the specific design elements, including the head pieces, hand pieces, and cute, furry boots.

Polar Bear and Teddy Bear Costumes

Polar Bear Costume
Polar Bear Costume | Source
Teddy Bear Costume
Teddy Bear Costume | Source

White Mascot Christmas Bear Costume with Scarf

Mascot costumes are a great way to dress up for any costume event, but usually the faces, as you see below, are very standard, although it's not bad looking at all.

When it comes to Christmas time and bear costumes, what's needed is to have a friendly face everyone can relate to, especially the children.

This one with the red scarf and Santa hat, along with the white body would look good at any Christmas gathering or party.

Mascot Bear

Mascot Christmas Bear Costume
Mascot Christmas Bear Costume | Source

Christmas Polar Bear Costume for Toddler

What's not to like about this adorable polar bear toddler Christmas costume? Those paws on the hands and feet are really cute, as is the top of the polar bear head as a hood on the child.

The black and gray areas, including the eyes and nose, blend in nicely with the rest of the white fur. Who wouldn't want to dress up a little one in a cute bear costume like this?

This is why bear costumes are such a great choice to make during the holiday season.

Toddler Polar Bear

Toddler Bear Costume
Toddler Bear Costume | Source

Christmas Bear Costumes

Whether it's a costume that looks like a bear, or is inspired by a bear, Christmas costumes with a bear theme are a great way to dress up for the holidays, and they would even fit in to any part of the cooler months.

Bear costumes look fantastic on everyone from an infant to an adult, and they are designed in different ways to reflect the tastes and purpose of those wearing them.

The wonderful friendly faces of the realistic and cartoonish bear costumes, and of course the cute bear costumes designed for women based loosely on the features of a bear, work well in a number of social situations, and would engender lots of delight, looks and comments from those getting to enjoy looking at the one wearing them.


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