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Christmas Window and Door Clings, Stickers or Decals

Updated on January 15, 2015

Christmas Window Clings

Decorating for the Christmas holiday season can be daunting and exhausting, as we work to create a delightful and warm atmosphere for family and friends. That's where window clings can come in, which are very simple to apply, as well as quick and efficient.

Some people will also call these window stickers or decals, and sometimes they may be applied in a different way or be made up of a different substance, but the application is the same; you simply press them in the position you want them to be in and you're done with the job.

That's not to say we can't design some gorgeous designs using clings for our glass on windows and doors, just that putting them place is very easy once you have the design figured out in your head.

Windows clings for Christmas come in all the usual themes associated with the holiday, including Santa, seasonal snowflakes, doves, wreaths, reindeer, and just about any other thing we associate with the Christmas season.

So for those wanting a fantastic Christmas window display, window clings decals or stickers are a terrific option to choose from, and they're fun and easy to apply. It's also something you can get your children or grandchildren to get involved with.

Christmas Wreath and Tree Clings or Decals

What's more traditional for Christmas than Christmas trees or wreaths? That's what we have here in the first example of great looking window stickers you can use to decorate your windows or door glass.

You can see how easy it would be to press these onto the windows for a wonderful effect. The colors are nice, and of course include the red and green associated with the Christmas holiday.

Using a Christmas tree or wreath theme always works, as you can see here.

Christmas Tree Cling

Christmas Tree Clings
Christmas Tree Clings | Source

Group of Reindeer Window Clings

I thought this was a pretty impressive looking set of window clings, with the brown and white reindeer in the center of the design, and the white and gray reindeer surrounding it.

What is nice about that is onlookers can at least get a glimpse of the brown reindeer, and when that captures their attention, the rest of the reindeer should come into view. And that's what window clings are all about, getting people to see and enjoy the images on your windows or door glass.

Reindeer Window Sticker

Reindeer Window Cling, Sticker
Reindeer Window Cling, Sticker | Source

Deep White Snowflake Stickers

One thing this nice set of window snowflake clings does is point to the idea of taking into consideration the design and color of your windows.

While this deep white set of snowflake clings would stick out on any window, the dark, brown outline of the wood holding the window panels really helps them stand out even clearer.

They're a great set of snowflake window decals, with a nice variety of designs that make them look even better.

White Snowflake Clings

White Snowflake Clings
White Snowflake Clings | Source

Dove Window Stickers

With the peaceful atmosphere usually associated with the Christmas season, this set of dove window stickers are a great way to express that underlying theme of the holidays.

Again there is the solid white color and good size which would enable those viewing the doves to see them clearly.

Although the Christmas window stickers shown in this article are seen in the day time, keep in mind that with the proper lighting they take on another whole different look in the evening hours.

Christmas Dove Window Clings

Dove Window Clings
Dove Window Clings | Source

Happy New Year and Santa Claus Window Stickers

Finally this set of stickers celebrating Christmas and New Year, with the salutation on the top and two images of Santa on each window is a fantastic way to decorate your windows.

One great thing about these colorful types of Christmas window clings is they are extremely easy to see, and attract the attention of those driving by very easily.

What's fun about these Santa images is the smaller images lodged in his beard; including one of himself. The white beard and mustache are brought out even more by the red face design.

Santa Claus Window Clings

Santa Clings
Santa Clings | Source

Christmas Window Cling Decorations

The Christmas window cling decorations above show how simple and compelling these easy-to-apply items can be, and even though they're quick to get done, it doesn't take away from the fact that they look terrific.

I didn't include the usual lights that go around a window or glass part of the door, as I wanted to show how the clings themselves look as standalone decorations.

But for those adding the lights around the windows which include clings or stickers, it add an extra decorative element that helps them to show even better than we see here.

Window clings are a good way to add to the Christmas look of your home.


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