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Christmas Ornament Ideas

Updated on October 8, 2015

Christmas Ornament Varieties

I can never seem to collect enough Christmas ornaments, and even though I live in a large home, I can fill it with the ornaments I already have. Nonetheless, I continue to buy more as new and compelling ornaments capture my eye. There never seems to be enough room to come close to putting them all out. and yet I just have to have some new ornaments I haven't seen before.

And we have just about every type of Christmas ornament there is at this time, from personalized and photo Christmas ornaments - which tell the story of our family history - to wooden, handmade Christmas ornaments, which also bring delight and interest from family and friends visiting us during the holiday season.

Other types I can thing of are fantastic beaded ornaments, glass ornaments, angel ornaments, pet ornaments (which include dogs and cats), silver ornaments, fish ornaments, crystal ornaments and ... well you get the idea, there are too many to name and this is just a small sampling of ornaments that come to mind.

Below are a number of types for you to enjoy looking at, and maybe they'll inspire you to add a few this year to your Christmas ornament decoration collection. You just may end up never having enough places, time and room to put them up. Christmas ornaments are just fun, and I can't seem to get enough of them. How about you?

Wooden Christmas Ornaments

As you can see from the batch of wooden Christmas ornaments below, just taking into account this theme there are probably enough to fill ten houses if you started to collect them all. But I really enjoy this representation of wooden Christmas ornaments below, and have them in a number of places around my home.

My personal favorite of the bunch is probably the double bells.

Wood Ornament

Angel Christmas Ornament

Since angels have been such a large part of the traditional Christmas story concerning the announcement that Jesus had came into the world, they have always played a big role in Christmas décor, and there's no end to the variety of angel Christmas ornaments like the one below you can find.

The way the angel is presented with the gold halo and wings, with the head and upper torso transparent against the purple background is fantastic. The golden horn also looks great.

Angel Ornament

Silver Dragonfly Christmas Ornaments

Having silver in my Christmas ornaments is one of my favorites, and I have found they're fantastic if you blend them among your overall Christmas décor. Too much though and they overwhelm everything by their brilliance and color, so you must be discriminate in out you place them. I love the dragonfly silver Christmas ornaments below.

Silver Ornaments

Dog Christmas Ornaments

Dogs continue to be the favorite among Christmas themes as far as pets go, but cats are a close second behind them, so don't get too disturbed about the canine displayed below, because you can get cats like these as well if that is your preference.

But this group of dog ornaments which feature dog breeds look great. And when considering everything about Christmas concerning pets, I like breeds, whether it's cats or dogs, or some other critter.

Dog Ornaments

Fish Christmas Ornaments

Fish have always been an image of the Christian faith, and while not all Christmas ornaments are made in the old style of fish the early Christian church identified with, they're still very meaningful and fun, as the colorful Christmas tree bulb below shows.

This is an unusual design, which not only shows the fish, but includes them in the Christmas bulb being shaped as a fish bowl. Pretty cool design.

Fish Ornaments

Antique Blown Glass Christmas Ornaments

Antique Christmas ornaments have always appealed to me, and the photo of antique blown glass Christmas ornaments shows a great variety of those from days gone by. Fantastic collection.

As you can see, ornaments of that time were very traditional, as evidenced by the green, red and silver colors usually associated with the Christmas season.

Antique Blown Glass Ornaments

Crystal Christmas Ornaments

What can be said about crystal that this stunning ornament doesn't say in the photo. Crystal always looks great in whatever form it takes on, and this Christmas ornament is a beautiful piece that would look fantastic anywhere.

Crystal Ornament

Beaded Christmas Ornament

Beaded Christmas ornaments can be gorgeous, and the one below shows how nice they can look. It is so unique and fantastic, but I think it's because dark blue is among my favorite colors which make it the reason for liking it so much.

Even so, beaded Christmas ornaments are a great addition to any Christmas décor, and if you can imagine a green and/or red beaded, hanging Christmas ornament designed like the one below, you know it would be an awesome one to hang on the Christmas tree.

Beaded Ornament

Great Christmas Ornaments

I'm sure you can tell from my enthusiasm that I love these types of Christmas ornaments, and indeed I have far too many to even know what's in my home anymore.

Still, every year I think of new ways to create different looks and usually add a number more that I seem not to need until I find that new way to put them together. Too much fun to me!

Whether you like to decorate with a lot or little, Christmas ornaments are a must to create that delightful atmosphere desired by a family during the Christmas holiday season.


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    • TnFlash profile image

      TnFlash 8 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      Excellent Hub! Just in time to help with Christmas Decorating.