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Best Corporate Christmas Gifts 2013

Updated on August 9, 2013

Personalized Corporate Christmas Gifts and Ideas

Stuck on what to buy someone in the corporate world, or looking to buy for everyone in your office? These corporate Christmas gifts are the perfect way to show your appreciation for employees, or to give as the ultimate gift for business minded professionals!

Choose from unique office wall clocks, gifts for wine lovers, personalized catch all trays, digital photo frames, office toys, corporate gift baskets, unique desk photo holders, wooden desk organizers, personalized business binders, corporate Christmas cards, business card holders, and great electronics that they'll love!

Gourmet Gift Baskets - Give the gift of gourmet food baskets this holiday season!

One thing that's always a sure fire hit and will always be appreciated is food! This basket of gourmet food includes high quality foods like Godiva chocolates, smoked almonds, biscottis, and more! Grand Gourmet Gift Basket Grand Gourmet Gift Basket

* A box of Godiva's 22 piece chocolates raises the bar of indulgence

* Godiva's signature biscuits, topped with smooth milk chocolate is also included

* Includes over 14 pounds of pure gourmet delectables

* Your office, your family, your friends will enjoy every bite


Unique Desk Photo Holders - Key fobs, cubes, trifolds, and cup holders that hold photos

Display your loved ones with these unique photo holders right on your desk! Get one or get a few as a set.

Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts - Green corporate gifts for the environmentally aware

Lower their carbon footprint and give them something fun! These eco friendly corporate gift ideas will help them consume less, reduce, reuse, and recycle all year long, from their lunch to morning coffee.

Unique Office Wall Clocks - Modern decorative wall clocks for offices!

One of these unique wall clocks won't just tell the time, but set the mood! Put everyone in a "get it done" atmosphere while adding a little bit of fun with one of these decorative pieces.

Desk Organizers - Keep everyone organized and clutter free!

A clean office is a happy office, so get their minds uncluttered and free of debris with one of these handy wooden desk organizers or slot organizers. Increase productivity by hours, not to mention make things look nicer!

Majestic Goods Nine Piece Burgundy Oak Wood Desk Set
Majestic Goods Nine Piece Burgundy Oak Wood Desk Set

Everything you'll need for a handsome desk, in burgundy.


Four Tips for Buying Corporate XMAS Gifts

How to please clients and employees alike!

No matter who you're buying for, it's a good idea to take into consideration where they work. How they spend their days, what the working conditions are, and what perks they may already receive are important when you're trying to think of the most unique, most appreciated gifts everyone will love.

  1. People love electronics nowadays. If you're budget is big, they'll love tablets, mP3 players, and gadgets. If you can customize them somehow, even better.
  2. Don't give items too closely related to the company theme. Chances are, they're around this type of stuff all day and night, so they may want a little break from the products and industry they are involved with.
  3. Go for fun over practicality. As much as the business mind may want to lean towards a practical gift, most people won't enjoy it. So that means this should be a
  4. want,
  5. not a
  6. need
  7. .
  8. Personalized gifts are almost always a big hit. It tells the client/employee you took the time to think about their gift and their individuality, and how much they are appreciated.
  9. Go in at entry level. Don't buy a gift that requires another item to use it, like an iPhone case that requires an iPhone, a pair of tickets that require a day off, or bottle of wine that assumes a palette for wine. Go simple!

Desk Toys - Brain stimulating office toys

Keep their mind sharp and at rest with these fun office toys! When they need a quick refresher, they can count on the 540 piece globe puzzleball, the Newton's Cradle (which has received excellent reviews), the unique hand pin art (make an impression!), the calming sandscape, or the strangely fascinating "time machine" table clock.

Duffel Travel Bags - for Air Travel - Perfect for carry on office travel

As a corporate gift, these duffel bags are great choices! They're durable, proven great products by reviewers (click through any product to read reviews), and they're also affordable. Perfect in every way for air travel or road trips, these duffel bags will hold all of their essentials with plenty of room leftover!

Laptop Messenger Bags - Protect their valuable office computers with a new laptop messenger bag

Personalized Catch All Tray - A custom leather valet catch tray for keys, phones, and more!

Cathy's Concepts Catch-All Tray
Cathy's Concepts Catch-All Tray

No more mess, no more lost keys! Organize those random things that are in your pockets that get thrown onto the desk, and have it customized with your business name or an employee's name! These personalized valet catch trays are just the thing to get the office a little more organized and stylish.


Gifts for Wine Lovers - Perfect for wine drinkers!

Looking for a unique gift for wine lovers? Wine is a hit with businesses, and wine accessories make a great accompaniment! These well-made, well-reviewed wine accessories will hold their wine, corks, and make sure the wine is tasting the very best that it possibly can!

Corporate Gift Baskets - A go-to gift that's perfect for the holidays

Gift baskets are indeed a great way to go and never fail as great gifts for businesses and employees. Featured below are some of the top selling, best reviewed gift baskets available on Amazon, most with free shipping. When times are tough like in the current economy, food is always a safe (and appreciated) bet that you can count on!

Desk Card Holders - Business card display cases for the office

Let them display their cards with one of these unique desk card holders! Instead of sitting in a messy pile, these holders will keep them upright, looking nice, and just begging for someone to take one.

Unique Business Card Cases - More great choices for sleek, professional business card cases

Metal Damask Embossed Business Card Case (Antique Silver Tone)
Metal Damask Embossed Business Card Case (Antique Silver Tone)

This is a little fancier than your average business card holder. Stainless steel metal, this has an ornate design that's perfect for just about any type of business.


Classic Business Cufflinks - Professional, sleek cufflinks for formal attire

Business professionals who dress up often are familiar with cufflinks and their appeal! Finish off their favorite suit with one of these timeless pieces that will match just about any suit they might have in their wardrobe.

Personalized Silver Square Cuff Links Cufflinks
Personalized Silver Square Cuff Links Cufflinks

You pick the letters, and these can be personalized just the way you want. The recipients of this gift will love this personal touch!


Looking to give a bunch of holiday greetings this year? Customize these with your own business name or personal name for a great way to show your appreciation this holiday season! Available in bulk quantity discounts.

More corporate style Christmas cards:

Paperweight Magnifiers - For up close detail and office decor!

Blue Sky Custom Business Presentation Binder

Keep their records straight, their office clean, and show them that you truly appreciate them with one of these personalized business binders! You can add your own text, a message, or find plenty more binders to choose from (click through any product to read more details).

Browse more Personalized Binders like these:

Electronics and Gadgets for Office Workers - Fun electronics that everyone will love!

If you work in an office, gadgets and computers are all part of life. Chances are outside of life they'll still be interested in being "plugged in" with items like the iPad, as well as fun gadgets like the Flip MinoHD camera (easy YouTube uploading - couldn't be easier), high performance in-ear speakers (think airplanes and subways), portable DVD players (again - great for long plane rides), and iPod phone speaker dock systems.

Have You Received a Corporate Christmas Gift Worth Talking About? - Tell us about it here - or tell us your favorite featured here!

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    • profile image

      presentsandgiftsgalore 5 years ago

      Everyone in the company once got an iPod which I liked. We also received digital cameras. Great selections of corporate gifts