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Crayola Digital Light Designer - After 109 Years, Crayola Goes Digital

Updated on August 25, 2013

2013 - The First Valentine's Day with Digital Crayons by Crayola

As someone on the Andy Griffith show may have said, "they have gone and done it!"

Crayola has moved from the past to the present and now has digital crayons. No mess, no cleanup and certainly, no pictures of doggies and kitties drawn on the wall.

The Crayola Digital Animation Maker is the no fuss or muss creative activity of this Valentine's Day gift-giving season. It is the top selling holiday toy on Amazon and also is very hard to find. I was able to find a couple here in Phoenix to send to family, but this is the year's must-have toy.

Kids can use the digital crayons to make digital designs that can even be animated. Yes, your children can bring their drawings to life. What fun!

In commemoration of this 109 year journey, I have also given the high points of the history of crayons so if you want to have some fun, browse through and participate.

Thanks for visiting and although you may have liked to eat paste when you were little, crayons don't taste very good. Take my word for it.

Creative Commons Photo Credit

melted crayons
melted crayons

Crayons that don't Melt in the Sun

Do you remember drawing outside and then moving on to something else, later remembering your crayons were outside? If it is Summer, say goodbye to them.

The long history of crayons goes anywhere from basic crayons in basic colors to the 2012 version of the Crayola digital crayon. In between, there are some fun facts that you can learn on this page.

I loved to use my crayons and when I colored, I was very good at staying in the lines. Since there was no such thing as a crayon eraser, it made your drawings always look so much better.

My crayon journey started with basic colors and also late started drawing without the lines. They are still fun to use to add a little color to something but I would never use them to color on a page. Well, maybe, but I wouldn't admit it.

Have fun with crayon history and you even have a chance to add your opinion.

Oh, buy this hot toy for your children. If you have a chance, buy one for a needy child.

Creative Commons Photo Credit

The Crayon Colors Song (Girls vs. Boys) - Very funny!

The Crayola Digital Light Designer

The Crayola Digital Light Designer - The Hottest Toy for Christmas this Year!

Crayola Light Designer,(74-7033)
Crayola Light Designer,(74-7033)

As you saw in the video above, this little gadget is quite cool and does not limit creativity.

More like an Etch-A-Sketch, it allows you to create and then erase your artistic creations. You can even animate what you draw. Make sure you buy plenty of batteries because there are hours of fun in this toy!

Highly recommended!


1903 - The First Wax Crayons

The first wax crayons were made this year in boxes of 8, 28 and 30 colors. The company's name was Binney and Smith, the predecessor of Crayola.

Take a bow!

Do you Enjoy Using Crayons? - C'mon, I know you do, please just admit it!

Do you like to color?

1922 - The Name of Crayola Emerges

During this year, the Crayola Color Kit for Kiddies emerges and Crayola is born.

1958 - The First 64 Box is Introduced

During this year, Crayola introduces the first 64 color box of crayon with a built in sharpener in the box.

Too expensive for my parents to buy for me!

Top Ten YouTube Crayon Videos with Instructions, if you Need Them!

1964 - Adversity for Crayola

In 1964, Crayola expands and begins producing and selling other types of art materials.

1972 - The Psychadelic Year of the Crayon

In this year, the Crayola company adds fluorescent colors to their palette.

During this era which included Woodstock, who could ask for anything less?

The Crayola 96 Box - A Great Gift for Kids of Any Age!

Crayola Crayons with Built-in Sharpener, 96 ct.
Crayola Crayons with Built-in Sharpener, 96 ct.

My Mother and Father could not afford the 64 pack of crayons for me when I was little. I can't imagine a 96 color box of Crayolas!

This has all of the classic colors and some new twists on the original colors. Always fun, always Crayola!


1990 - How can you make Crayons if you are Color Blind?

Scandalous! It was found that the Senior Crayon Moulder at Crayola was color blind.

Crayola also retired 8 colors to the Crayon Hall of Fame.

1993 - Largest Box of Crayons Created and Distributed

During 1993, the 96 box set was first introduced.

If you didn't have enough fun with 64, you can really have a good time with 96!

2012 - Crayola's Creation of Digital Crayons

The introduction of digital crayons was introduced by Crayola with the creation of the Crayola Digital Light Designer

Most Nostagic Memories come from Childhood - Did this bring back any sweet memories?

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    • shellys-space profile image

      Shelly Sellers 

      5 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      My son is 13, but is asking for they Crayola Digital Light Designer! It does look like a lot of fun :)


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