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Cupcake Costumes - Cute Cupcake Costumes For Kids and Adults

Updated on August 26, 2011

Cupcake Costumes Are Cool!

Here's a fun selection of cute cupcake costumes for kids and adults. These are great costumes that will have you looking good enough to eat, so beware of hungry party goers! Fun, comfortable and easy to wear, these cupcake costumes are a great costume choice for any party.

See below for the fun selection to choose from. If you want to make an impact at any party this costume choice is sure to do just that! Cupcake costumes are bright, fun and sure to get you noticed! If you want a stand out costume, this is a great choice.

If you happen to decide that a cupcake costume isn't the one to go for, see the bottom of the page for lots of other fun costume ideas.

Cupcake Costume For Kids

Only one cupcake costume for kids on Amazon currently, but it's a good one! Click through to the product pages for sizing options.

This is a really easy to wear costume that comes in tunic form. It simply slides over the head and hey presto, your child is party ready!

This is a real fun costume that kids will just love to wear. They'll be the center of attention at any party in this costume.

Cupcake Costumes For Adults

A little more choice from Amazon in cupcake costumes for adults, these are fun, easy to wear and will definitely get you noticed!

The first two cupcake costumes listed come in tunic form, so just like the kids version, you simply slide it over your head and you're done! Party ready in seconds. These are really easy to wear, comfortable costumes that really stand out.

The cupcake cutie costume is a bit more on the sexy side, it's a two piece costume comprising of a brown velvet dress with a matching hat. If you want to make the cupcake theme sexy, this is the costume to go for!

These are great costumes choice for any party. Team with other food costumes for couples or groups to put the wow factor into your next party.


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