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Toy Soldier Costume - Fun Toy Soldier Costumes For Kids, Adults and Dogs

Updated on August 26, 2011

Toy Soldiers Costumes Are Cool!

Here's a cute selection of toy soldier costumes for kids, adults and dogs. These are great costumes for any party, especially over the festive season. Looking like you've just jumped out of the toy box, a toy solder costume suits all ages. It's a fun theme that can be teamed with other toy costumes for couples or groups.

A toy soldier costume is a great costume choice for kids and adults, it's a commanding look that will have you at the center of attention at any party. For women there are some super sexy toy soldier outfits to choose from!

See below for the range of fun toy soldier costume choices for kids, adults and dogs. This is an easy to wear costume that is sure to get you noticed!

Toy Soldier Costume For Kids

These are stand out costumes that look straight out of the toy box, totally cute and adorable. If you don't see the correct size go through to the product pages for more sizes available.

The first toy soldier costume comes with jacket, pants, boot covers and hat.

The second toy soldier costume come with shirt, pants and hat.

Both are great costumes that kids will love wearing.

Toy Soldier Costume For Adults

Here's a varied selection of toy soldier costumes to choose from.

2 to choose from for the guys, and for the girls, an assortment of sexy soldier costumes to wow with!

The nutcracker toy soldier for guys comes with jacket, pants, boot covers and hat. It's the same as the first kids costume listed above and would make an adorable father and son combo.

The second adult toy soldier costume comes with jacket, pants, straps and hat.

The first women's toy soldier costume listed (blue and white) comes as a top and skirt with hat, belt and gloves.

The second (black and red) is made up of a top, skirt, hat and belt.

The third (red, black and white) comes as a dress and hat. Please note that the leg warmers pictured do not come with this costume, though they can be bought separately on the product page.

The Forth Toy Solder Costume for women (red) comes as a dress, petticoat and hat.

The fifth (red and white) comes as a dress, overskirt and hat.

The sixth (black and red) costume comes as a jacket, skirt and gloves. Please note the hat is not included.

The seventh (red and white) toy soldier costume for women comes as a dress, hat and spats.

There are various sizes to choose from in these costumes, go through to the product page for more sizing options.

These are great costumes that stand out. If attention is what you seek, you're sure to get an abundance in any of these sexy little outfits!

Toy Solider Costume For Dogs

Not to be left out, here's a cute toy soldier costumes for dogs of all sizes!

X-Small: Back up to 8", Neck 8" - 10", Chest 10" - 14".

Small: Back 8" - 12", Neck 10" - 12", Chest 14" - 18".

Medium: Back 12" - 16", Neck 12" - 14", Chest 18" - 21"

Large: Back 16" - 20". Neck 14" - 16", Chest 21" - 24"

This is a stand out Christmas costume for dogs of all breeds. Make your dog even cuter by dressing them in one of these gorgeous toy soldier costumes!


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