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Get the Cute Zombie Girl Look: Makeup and Costumes

Updated on August 18, 2014

So You Want to be a Zombie?

A Zombie Girl is a fun Halloween look and also essential if you are going to a Zombie Prom (assuming of course that you are female!).

The only trouble with zombies is that they can look anywhere from 'ew' to totally gross, and that is probably not what you want your date or the guy whose eye you want to catch (no not literally, even if he is a zombie too!) to say when he sees you.

For those of you who want to be zombie girls but still be cute, I've got some suggestions. Have fun!

Zombie Girls have Attitude!

OK, if you are going to be a zombie, you need to know how to act. It's not hard. Basically you stagger around with a vacant look in your eyes, hissing "Brainssssss"!

This is funny. For 5 minutes. Oddly, after that acting like this might put off the very person you want to impress. Sure, you can take the opportunity to scare little kids and annoy family members. After the novelty of that wears off, you need to get yourself some Zombie attitude.

Zombie movies are a great place to get ideas. If you don't like full-on horror, how about a zombie romantic comedy like "Shaun of the Dead" (2004)? Other funny zombie movies include "Fido" (2006), "Zombieland" (2009) and "The Return of the Living Dead" (1985).

You also need to know how to dance like a Zombie. Michael Jackson's Thriller will teach you how it's done.

The Zombie Girl Makeup Guide

How to look like a zombie, only cuter.

You need to get the balance right with this. Not too gory but not too fresh and perky either. You are supposed to look dead.

Help is at hand. Head on over to the Dead Zombie Girl face paint tutorial where you will find some step by step instructions for zombie makeup to give you a look that is all zombie but without the yuck factor.

You will also find there a video showing an alternative cute zombie makeup look you might want to try for yourself.

As for Zombie Girl hair, keep it messy. Wear it as big as you dare. You are having a bad hair day. To put it mildly. Bonus points if you get leaves, twigs or dead flower petals else caught up in it.

What Kind of Zombie Girl are You?

Yes, there is more than one type of zombie girl. If you are still reading this, I'm pretty certain you want to be a cute zombie or a dead temptress rather than the horrible bits-falling-off creepy sort of zombie.

Here are some ideas:

  • Zombie Prom Queen -- she's gorgeous, popular... and dead
  • Zombie Cheerleader -- when she shakes those pom poms, they are in trouble!
  • Zombie Bride -- here comes the beautiful bride... fancy a kiss?

Zombie Prom Queen

If you are a Zombie Prom Queen, you get to wear a gorgeous dress.

Just don't expect to be colorful. It comes in Deathly Black, Ghostly White or another murky shade.

Also expect it to be in tatters. After all, you clawed your way out of a coffin and plunged up through the mud, intent on revenge against the one who killed you on the most wonderful night of your life.

You will still be the center of attention as Zombie Prom Queen. But at least you don't have to smile.

Dead flowers (left over from your funeral or stolen from another grave?) will be your corsage.

If your date isn't dead yet, he soon will be....

Zombie Cheerleader

Give us a D. Give us an E. Give us an A. Give us a...

Yes, you have done your last Toe Touch. Do the splits and chances are you won't get up again.

A Zombie Cheerleader is a fun kind of zombie to be as you can be as annoying as you like and there is nothing anyone can do to stop you.

Do a routine with some Cheerleader Zombie friends, but give it a creepy theme and lose the upbeat cheers in favor of drawn out chants and hissing.

As a Cheerleader Zombie you can wear a cute short skirt and wear your hair in pigtails. Don't forget a pair of black pom poms.

Zombie Bride

It's the biggest day of your life. You've got your bouquet, your gorgeous dress, all you need now is to be alive.

What's your story? Jilted at the altar and died of grief? Or killed by a jealous lover?

Either way, you still have the dress and the flowers, even if both have seen better days. And now it's time to take your revenge.

The groom will not escape this time. In any case, how can he resist you when you look so... charming. You truly are a girl to die for, right?

See if you can talk your girlfriends into being zombie bridesmaids. Make some black confetti that they can throw over you as you make your grand entrance to the sound of a funeral dirge.

Dance Like a Zombie

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    • Fluffymetal profile image

      Fluffymetal 6 years ago from Texas

      Great hub... I loved it. Very interesting!

    • WordCustard profile image

      WordCustard 7 years ago from Scotland

      You're welcome Becky. I hope she has fun!

    • profile image

      Becky 7 years ago

      Thanks so much for this informative article with some GREAT ideas! My tween wants to be a zombie bride for Halloween...and I appreciate the tips! : )

    • WordCustard profile image

      WordCustard 7 years ago from Scotland

      Why thank you, Prosperity! Glad you liked these ideas.

    • profile image

      Prosperity66 7 years ago

      Gosh! I didn't know there were so many different zombie designs! Excellent resource for getting Halloween ideas!

    • WordCustard profile image

      WordCustard 7 years ago from Scotland

      Thanks Jeff!

    • Jeffrey Tymczak profile image

      Jeffrey Tymczak 7 years ago from Amelia Island

      Clever hub...very clever. ;D