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Disney Princess Merida Halloween Costume for Girls

Updated on October 5, 2013

Disney Princess Merida Halloween Costume is Sure to Be a Hit

Disney/Pixar's "Brave" movie is one of the big family movies of the 2012 summer, and the Disney Princess Merida Halloween costume is sure to be a popular choice for girls for trick-or-treating this year. Disney has created several choices for Princess Merida costumes, including complete costumes with bows and arrows, as well as mix and match pieces that girls can wear individually. Take a look at the "Brave" Princess Merida Halloween costumes below and get your favorite before its sold out.

(Image shown here: Disney Princess Merida Halloween costume by Disney)

A Great Costume Idea for Girls

She's a Disney star like no other

Disney/Pixar's 2012 movie Brave is set in the Scottish Highlands and tells the story of a young princess who defies tradition by refusing to wed whichever challenger wins the Highlands Games. Merida defeats and shames them all by besting them in the archery competition and then runs off.

"Brave" became the first Pixar movie to feature a female protagonist, and the seventh Pixar movie to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. Girls will love dressing up as this strong female character!

(Brave movie poster from Wikipedia)

Create Your Own Disney Princess Merida Halloween Costume

Mix-and-match pieces

Princess Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald) is the feisty heroine of the new Disney/Pixar movie "Brave." She's an expert archer and one tough cookie who doesn't need a prince to rescue her. She's sure to be a popular new addition to the Disney Princess line and a popular character for Halloween costumes this year. Disney has made it easy for girls to dress up in a complete Princess Merida costume or choose the dress and pieces they prefer. Choose a dress and accessorize with sandals, wig, tiara or bow and arrow set, or get a complete kit including all the accessories.

Formal Costume
Look regal in this formal dress.

Red-haired Wig
This curly wig looks just like the star of Brave

Brave Tiara
With gold accents and a dangling jewel

Hero Costume
Includes dress, tiara, sandals, wig and archery set

Gladiator Sandals
Sparkling gladiator sandals coordinate with dresses

Games Costume
Comes with dress, tiara, sandals, wig and archery set

More Disney Princess Merida Toys and Books - Other movie-related items

Here are more fun toys and products based on the Disney "Brave" movie.

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Little Girls Love Princess Merida

Little Girls Love Princess Merida
Little Girls Love Princess Merida

See Disney Princess Merida in Action - "Brave" movie trailer

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