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Disney Gifts with a Christmas Theme

Updated on August 21, 2015

Disney Christmas Gift Ideas

The Walt Disney Company is among the most recognizable brands in the world, and when contemplating buying a gift for someone for Christmas time, it can boggle the mind as to where to even begin, let alone narrow things down to a couple of items.

With that in mind, what this article will deal with is showing some Disney gift ideas directly associated with the Christmas season.

So if there is a book, product or music, for example, we'll look at those particular items that have a Christmas theme included with them.

Almost all of Disney's characters include a Christmas theme at some point, so just about any favorite character you want to have as part of Christmas will be available.

Of course since we're also buying for others, that means fishing around a little (if you don't already know), for the favorite Disney characters of family or friends you are looking to buy for, and of which you know are fans of the brand.

Disney Cinderella Tree Ornament from Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses have been a huge success over the years, and it should come as no surprise that numerous products have been offered by the company in response to the high demand for this particular Disney brand.

That has led to a number of Christmas ornaments designed by Disney, including this one of a Christmas tree ornament of Cinderella from the media powerhouse.

What makes this look wonderful is the decision to include the gorgeous dress expected of one of the Princesses of Disney. This would look magnificent on any Christmas tree. The other Disney princesses have been designed to be Christmas tree ornaments as well; all of them with beautiful dresses, similar to the one below.

Disney Tree Ornament

Disney Princesses Ornament
Disney Princesses Ornament | Source

Disney Christmas Playlist

Throughout the years Disney has been known for putting together some terrific music, and that successful tradition has been included for Christmas.

This Disney music play list includes stars from a number of their shows, including Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Ross Lynch, The McClain Sisters, Bridgit Mendlerand Olivia Holt, among others.

Some of the Christmas songs on the list are All I Want For Christmas Is You, Shake Santa Shake, Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree, Jingle Bell Rock and Winter Wonderland.

Fans of Disney and its stars will be sure to enjoy this play list that can provide instantaneous gratification, even if it is only given as a gift on Christmas day.

Disney Christmas Songs

Christmas Disney Songs
Christmas Disney Songs | Source

Disney Christmas Films

For many families, parents and children, Disney has put out an large number of films with Christmas themes for many years, and many of them have retained their popularity long after they were introduced.

There's a good reason for that, a lot of people love the family films, and they always make great Christmas gifts, including the appropriately enough named "A Disney Christmas Gift" shown below.

Some of the Disney films available are "The Night Before Christmas" with Tom and Jerry; Disney's Christmas Favourites; The Santa Clause; A Christmas Carol; Mickey Saves Santa; Disney Princess A Christmas of Enchantment; One Magic Christmas; and Mr. Bean's Holiday.

This is of course a small sampling to generate some Christmas gift ideas, and to tug on the memory of the readers to come up with some others that may appeal to family or friends you're buying Christmas gifts for.

A Disney Christmas Gift

A Disney Christmas Gift
A Disney Christmas Gift | Source

Scrooge McDuck and Marley Figurine

Figurines are another big gift line at Disney, with as many of those as probably any other product Disney has produced for them.

This one below of Scrooge McDuck and Marley from "A Christmas Carol," is an extraordinary work of art, one that fans of Disney or Dickens would love to include in their display.

The quality of the figurine is terrific, and the expressions on the face of both characters is caught nicely.

For me, it's the strong attention to detail that makes this Disney Christmas figurine such as success, including the chain on Pluto as he plays the part of Marley, the candle and stand, as well as the ornate carvings on the chair.

Disney Scrooge McDuck Figurine

Scrooge McDuck Figurine
Scrooge McDuck Figurine | Source

Disney Christmas Fellowship Sweatshirt

Clothing of all kinds have had Disney characters imprinted on them to the delight of Disney fans. That's true as well for Christmas, as this very cool Disney Christmas fellowship shirt shows.

This is a group of Disney characters shown to be celebrating the Christmas holiday together, sharing a fun moment together. A sweatshirt like this is a great gift for those wishing to remind family and friends of what they mean to them.

Fellowship Shirt from Disney

Disney Fellowship Shirt
Disney Fellowship Shirt | Source

Disney Gifts with a Christmas Theme

It's incredible at time to attempt to even get a tiny sampling of the products and product lines offered by The Walt Disney Company, as you can take one character, even just one character included in a Christmas theme, and you can explore for hours and rarely come up with more than a small percentage of what is offered from Disney.

Part of that is because many of these characters have been around for decades, and so many types of products have been made it's impossible to have the type of time it would take to even make a small dent in what you could buy for someone.

Even so, that's also a plus for those shopping for Disney gifts with a Christmas theme, as the large number of possibilities means it won't take too long before you find something someone you care about would like and appreciate.

That's part of the magic connected with Disney products, and just knowing what a person likes the best about a Disney character can go a long way towards narrowing down your search options.


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