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Fang Makeup for Halloween: Tutorials and Tips

Updated on January 26, 2015

Fang Makeup

Fangs may be one of the most used makeup for Halloween and other costume parties, and for good reason - it's wildly popular as the vampire and werewolf craze continue to be a big part of pop culture.

And whether it's for Halloween or a cosplay event, there is something about fangs and the accompanying vampire or werewolf theme that always works in these circumstances.

What's also fun about fangs is you can include dripping blood around you mouth or on your teeth to give the appearance you just finished a human meal.

Another great part of using fangs in your makeup look is to include some colored contacts to enhance the ominous look, or to use makeup around the eyes to give that dark, crazed look that is so compelling at Halloween parties.

Just be sure to practice your evil face to complement your fangs and other makeup. After all, it's a disaster to have fangs and not be ready to show them.

Makeup Designs Using Fangs

First we'll look at some pictures of how people use fangs as part of their costume and look, and then we'll get into how to make your own set of fangs, or how to apply those that you have bought from a store.

Even though fangs are the centerpiece of your vampire or werewolf look, how you make up the rest to complement the fangs is what makes it so compelling to look at, delight people, and attract the attention you want.

In this article we're going to mostly focus on the fang part of the look, although there will be an overview of a variety of themes they can be used with.

With that in mind, let's look at some makeup fang looks.

Werewolf Fangs

In this first image there is a pair of fangs used in conjunction with a werewolf face. It's very cool looking, and the set of fangs complement one another well.

Notice that vampire fangs are usually only coming from the top teeth, while werewolf fangs are on the top and bottom teeth.


Vampire Fangs and Makeup

Talk about an intense vampire look and set of fangs below. It doesn't get much better than this, and will surely convince a lot of people not to mess with you in a convincing manner. Also cool are those contacts used to accentuate the eyes, creating the intensity of the glare. This is what makes wearing fangs so fun.

There are of course prosthetics used to create the protruding eyes, but even without them this would be an awesome vampire look.

In case you didn't know, this is actually Kiefer Sutherland as he looked in "Lost Boys 2: The Tribe."


Making Vampire Fangs from Fake Nails

One of the quickest and simplest ways to make fangs is to use a set of clear, fake nails for the material to design the fangs. They look realistic and are extremely easy to design.

The first step is to take the plastic nails and shape them into the desired points you want, using a pair of fingernail clippers.

Next take the newly pointed nails and start to file them on the sides in order to fit on the teeth you're going to place them on. Once you begin to work, occasionally place the nails against your teeth to be sure you're getting a proper fit. Keep filing away until they correctly fit.

Once you're finished, clean the newly design nails to remove the residue from the filing. Also dry them off before beginning the final stage of attaching them to your teeth.

When you're ready, simply take some denture adhesive and apply it to the inside part of each fang you created and them press them onto the teeth you're using for the fang backdrop. That's all there is to it. It's fast, easy, and does a great job of creating a vampire or werewolf look.

For the werewolf look, simply take a couple of more clear, false nails and file them shorter for the bottom fangs, and place them inside the upper, larger set of fangs.

How to Place Fangs on Your Teeth

For those choosing to buy fangs, here are several videos showing how to place a variety of fangs on your teeth. There are different fangs and looks you can choose from, with the retractable fangs being my favorite.

Vampire Fangs Tutorial

Demon Fangs

Sabre Fangs

Here is a look at a set of sabre fangs, which are longer than the usual fangs used for creating a vampire or werewolf look. They are definitely more ominous looking, and they can be seen much more clearly because of the length.

The photo also gives a good look at how someone can include the dripping blood look to accentuate the fangs.


Making Fangs Using Craft Plastic

Another very easy way to make fangs is to use craft plastic you should be able to find at any craft store.

The first step is to boil some water. When it's come to a boil, take the water and pour it into a coffee cup. Be careful when doing this so you don't spill it and hurt yourself.

When that's ready take a couple of craft plastic squares you've already cut and prepared (about an inch wide) and place them one at a time into the hot water in the cup or mug for about 20 seconds or so. That makes them pliable and ready to be easily shaped. After it sits for the 20 seconds in the water, remove with a spoon.

Keep in mind what color you want for your teeth. The best are clear plastic or white plastic. I say this because craft plastic comes in a plethora of colors, and you may not be thinking about the fang look when acquiring the plastic.

Once the plastic is removed from the hot water, you can wring it out and then begin the fang shaping process. All that needs to be done is take your fingers and squeeze or pinch it into the shape of a fang.

Once that's completed, press it against the tooth you're going to attach it to and hold it in place. The fang-shaped plastic will mold itself to the tooth as it hardens around it. Keep it in place for a couple of minutes before removing the fangs.

This works great over time, as the teeth can be worn whenever wanted, and can easily be attached and removed because of the molding process.

Fangs with Dripping Blood

With this lady we get a look at how a fangs could look on a woman, and how the dripping blood can be used in a little different manner than the prior photo.

One thing that would have made this vampire look even better would have been to have included some long, pointy, fake nails with the look. Still a very fun set of fangs to go with the vampire costume.


Fang Bite Mark Makeup

There are a couple of way you could go to a party as a couple using fangs. One, is you could go as a vampire or werewolf couple, both wearing a set of fangs, or you could have one wearing the fangs, and the other wearing makeup similar to what's seen in the photo below, with the bloody bite marks of the vampire made up on your neck.

This is a lot of fun because the one with the fangs can occasionally pretend they're taking a bite into the neck of their partner. That's always good for a laugh.


Fang Makeup

Fangs are a makeup choice that works in almost any situation, and can be used for special occasions like Halloween or other costume parties, cosplay, or in having fun on a daily basis, especially when children are those wearing the fangs.

And whether you make or buy them, going as a vampire or werewolf, or whatever type of creature you're portraying using fangs, you're sure to get a good response from family and friends, as it's a proven winner that never grows old with time.


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