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Fun Exotic Makeup

Updated on August 11, 2014

Exotic Makeup

When you get tired your everyday look, or want to make a statement in an appropriate social situation, exotic makeup options offer a wide variety of choices for those with a little bit of courage.

Exotic makeup also is great for cosplay, parties, and of course to wear at Halloween time.

It's also a great idea for the ladies to get together and spend some enjoyable time seeing who can create the most outrageous look.

Whatever the reason, there are a lot of ideas floating around out there for exotic makeup, and we'll look at a number of them here to give you some inspiration for your own creation.

Some of the ways other women have used the theme is with exotic birds, butterflies, various large cats, and all sorts of hues and shades, accompanied by other practices like interesting uses of the hair to complement the makeup.

Makeup Colors

What's really enjoyable and challenging about using an exotic makeup theme is the option to use colors that we may never otherwise use.

One word I use to identify them is vibrant. Add these terrific colors, along with some glitter and other options, and there are numerous ways to generate a plethora of looks that will get you hooked on it.

Cool Purple Eyes

In our first photo of exotic makeup there is the very creative and unusual makeup displayed above the eyes, with the longer and shorter ones offering some interesting contrasts.

I really like the way she has a predominant purple theme, accentuated by some white in the flowers and the light green star on her forehead.

The fluffy purple on her dress also completes a very cute look.


Green, Tribal Exotic Makeup

Here we have a green theme, with the pretty flowers flowing in her hair, and the cute dots sprinkled around her face. That green object right at the end of the horn part of her hair is a nice touch.

The inclusion of the tribal lines on the side of the face work really well. Too bad she didn't use a green shade of lipstick, as I think it would have flowed better. But this is exotic makeup, and there are few rules to follow.

Here's how she describes how she made the horns (there are actually two, but you can only see the one):

My horns are made from buns ( styrofoam wraped in cheap hair with large comb sewn in each one ) and then the horn part is made from craft store chicken wire wrapped in fake hair , glitzed up and then both wired & sewn to the buns ... I pull my own hair through the center of the bun and wrap around the base of the horn for extra ooomfff but it isn't needed really ... before wearing I hairspray the crap out of it and smooth any wayward strands.


Black Exotic Makeup

Wow, is this a wild look or what. If you just take the eyes it would be a very beautiful and exotic, but adding the black on the shoulders really takes it to another level.

While the eyes look beautiful, they have an exotic touch from the way the white and black is combined, along with the long, lush lashes. This is definitely making a statement.


Exotic Bird Makeup

I really like this darker exotic look, incorporating an exotic bird as the inspiration for the makeup theme.

It's quite a talent to take just these three colors and be able to create this amazing face. The combination and design using the black, white and red, really create a great exotic bird look.

My favorite of the design is the way she uses the lines in the black to create the bird effect. The white and red wonderfully accentuate the black to complete the design.

You can see how she did it in the video below.


Electric Zoo- Exotic Bird Makeup

More Exotic Video Tutorials

Below there are several more exotic makeup video tutorials, including one that shows how to make that fantastic leopard look, along with another that showcases exotic green, and yet another that includes some glitter and vibrant colors for some great fun and end results.

Purple, Turquoise, Glitter, and Blue Brows!

Exotic Green With Envy Makeup Look

Classy Leopard Eyes Tutorial

Exotic Makeup with Shaved Head

This is surely a wonderful and bold look, one that I think the majority of women would hesitate to embrace. Nonetheless, there are several things that really look great, and would be an awesome statement to make.

The most obvious compelling and challenging part of the look is the shaved side of the head, which is the canvass the makeup is centered around.

What I like the best is the pointed hair below the shaved part. The color choice is great and from this angle, is the focal point for the rest of the look. I also like the blush used right alongside the pointed hair. It blends nicely, flowing into the eye makeup color choices, or the other way around, if you prefer to look at if from the eye flowing to the cheek and hair.

Either way, it looks terrific, and was much harder to do than it may appear at first glance.

Finally, the cut way she did her hair was a nice touch, as it adds a feminine look that offsets a little bit of the harder look incorporated into the rest of the look. Great job.


Exotic Makeup

Exotic makeup looks include a wide range of designs and color, and when including other elements like hair design and accessories, it is limitless as to what can be created using all the tools available to us.

The hardest thing about exotic makeup is probably getting the courage to take the plunge and then allowing ourselves to be seen in social situations where we are sure to encounter a variety of responses.

But as you can see with the exotic makeup examples above, it is well worth the effort, and we can always practice individually, or with friends, to help perfect the exotic look we're shooting for.


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