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Festive Christmas Chair Covers

Updated on December 26, 2013

Turn Any Chair into a Holiday Decoration with Christmas Chair Covers

So you've got your Christmas tablecloth and holiday plates ready for the big day, but what about your chairs? Are they in the holiday spirit? If not, then why not give them a holiday makeover with some cute Christmas chair covers? The Christmas season is a time for big family get-togethers, and that can often mean dragging out folding chairs from the garage or attic. Santa chair covers or other fun holiday covers are a great way to dress up your regular chairs or those rickety old ones you have to pull out of storage. This page can help you find just the right covers to make your holiday get-together more festive than ever!

(Image of Santa and Mrs. Claus Christmas chair covers provided by amazon)

Mr and Mrs Santa Claus Seat Cover - Invite Santa to your table

These Santa chair covers will bring the magic of Santa Claus right to your dining room table. Slip them over the back of your chairs and you're ready for St. Nick to add some fun to your holiday get-together.

Mr and Mrs Santa Claus Seat Cover - Christmas Holiday Chair Covers 2 Pc Set
Mr and Mrs Santa Claus Seat Cover - Christmas Holiday Chair Covers 2 Pc Set

Product details:

2 Pc Mr and Mrs Santa Claus Chair Cover Set. Easily slip over the back of the most of the chairs. Dimensions of the each cover is 21 x 24 inches. Its Easy to Clean, Each Cover is Machine Washable.


Gingerbread Christmas Chair Covers - No need for baking!

These gingerbread chair covers look so good you might be tempted to eat them, but don't! Just slip them on the back of your chairs to add a festive mood to any room.

Collections Etc - 2Pc Gingerbread Holiday Dining Room Chair Covers By Collections Etc
Collections Etc - 2Pc Gingerbread Holiday Dining Room Chair Covers By Collections Etc

Product details:

Transform your dining room chairs into fantastical gingerbread cookies. Two-pc. set of Mr. and Mrs. Gingerbread covers slip easily over the backs of side chairs for a storybook finish. Made of polyester; imported. Spot clean. Fits 16" to 18" chair. Each 20"L x 19"H.


Mr & Mrs Santa Claus Christmas Kitchen Chair Covers By Collections Etc - More Santa chair covers

Here's another cute set of Santa and Mrs. Claus chair covers. Slip these over the back of any chair and the kids will be arguing over who gets to sit in the seat with Santa.

4 Christmas Holiday Tricot Snowman Chair Covers - Don't worry, these Christmas chair covers won't melt

You can invite Frosty the Snowman inside and not worry about melting snow with these cute snowman chair covers. They're perfect for decorating for a big Christmas dinner.

Christmas chair covers make any room more festive!

More Chair Covers - Other options for decorating your chairs in holiday style

Christmas Chair Covers on eBay - Find great deals at the world's marketplace

If you can't find chair covers you like at any retail store, don't forget to check eBay. They have millions of products from around the world, including handmade goods, and hard-to-find items you won't find elsewhere. They also have great prices on new products. Plus, if you choose the Buy It Now option, you won't need to wait for an auction to end. It's just as easy as shopping at any other online store, but you can often find better deals and items you won't see anywhere else.

Here are some of the Christmas chair covers currently available on eBay.

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    • profile image

      Geissral 5 years ago

      I love this chair covers! It looks really cool! Good Idea!

    • Deadicated LM profile image

      Deadicated LM 5 years ago

      These are so cute, great idea.

    • cjbmeb14 lm profile image

      cjbmeb14 lm 5 years ago

      This is a great lens and I can certainly try this on our old chairs. It will give them a new lease of life as well as making them look comfortable to sit upon.


    • savateuse profile image

      savateuse 5 years ago

      Found it... the perfect lens for the Christmas quest! Love these chair covers!

    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 5 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      Would love to have these in my kitchen

    • JuDe83 LM profile image

      JuDe83 LM 5 years ago

      Great idea! Maybe even for my next diy project?!

    • profile image

      seosmm 5 years ago

      Too cute!

    • lkamom profile image

      Heather McGlaughlin 5 years ago from Marryland

      a beautiful selection of Christmas themed chair covers.

    • Lenskeeper profile image

      Lenskeeper 5 years ago

      These chair covers are really cute!

    • arfrancis lm profile image

      Amy M-F 5 years ago from Northamptonshire, UK

      I love these! I have never thought to do it before.