Although Peter was married. The Virign Mary mother of God did not say anything

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    bretya craneposted 8 years ago

    Although Peter was married.  The Virign Mary mother of God did not say anything as regards to...

    popes being married - That is the ones who came after Peter.  If she had the children would have said so.

    Jesus chose Peter at the time because he offered him a challenge.  Who Jesus chose at the time was not for any one to challenge.

    The fact Peter was married does not mean all following Bishops of Romes and popes are to be married.  Yes loriamoore is right but bretya crane did not say popes should be married or can be married.  Merely that Peter was married.  And Jesus like God works in mysterious way. 

    The other reason is that Jesus said to Peter whatever you do on earth shall be

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    Dave Mathewsposted 7 years ago

    You get ahead of yourself when you are discussing Peter, married or not married. There was no such thing as The Roman Catholic Church, as a matter of fact, Christianity, was in its infantsy. Under either Hebrew Law or Christian regulations, as Christianity had no law at the time, Peter had the right if he so desired to wed. Also Mary would have no right to even speak about it let alone complain.