breya crane did not say popes should be married. Athough Peter married he was c

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    bretya craneposted 8 years ago

    breya crane did not say popes should be married.  Athough Peter married he was chosen by Jesus. ...

    All popes who follow are single.  The reason being Jesus offered Peter a challenge catch men and not fish.  Does not exclude women.  As for the other reason Jesus said to Peter whatever you do on earth shall be done in heaven.  With a wife at Peters' side even with todays popes it would have been difficult.  (by the way I do not have the bible with me and do not know for sure whether Jesus used the word or another.)

    A wife would never understand why Jesus chose a man.  All  she wants is equality for women.  The fact Jesus chose a man does not mean God thinks less of women.  After all God pl

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    Dave Mathewsposted 7 years ago

    Peter was never exaulted by Jesus to be a priest, neither was he ever named or elected as Pope. As a matter of fact the Catholic church did not even exist. Peter was the cornerstone of Christianity, and if he had chosen to wed, he was able to under both Christian and Jewish or Hebrew Law.

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    Harlan Coltposted 6 years ago

    Dave is correct, Catholicsim did not exist. It wasn't until many years later. When Jesus rose from the dead and brought all those souls up from the dead with him, and they were seen by hundreds and hundreds of people, people starting leaving the false religions to follow Jesus.

    "WOW I saw him - he was dead, and I saw him! Everything he said was true! He rose from the dead! I also saw my Uncle John! He's been dead 10 years and there he was!"

    Can you imagine that? People started leaving their religions in droves to become a Christian. In Rome, that meant a tremendous weakening of power since they two were greatly interwoven.

    To solve the problem, the "Church of Rome" renamed all its pagan gods and goddesses to Christian names Saturn was changed to Moses, and Tammuz was changed to Jesus and Dianna was changed to Mary, etc., and they continued business as usual, slowly mixing in Christian doctrines with their pagan doctrines.

    If you look at the profile of a Catholic Bishop hat, it looks like a fish head. That is because in the old days - it was a fish head. It was the head of Dagon the Fish God. The Catholic Church carries a ton of baggage from its pagan roots. Google it, you will find tons of information on it. Its not like its a big secret.
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    - Harlan