Why do Christian's lie to their children about chirstmas?

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  1. Apostle Jack profile image60
    Apostle Jackposted 8 years ago

    Why do Christian's lie to their children about

    Where do fiction and none-fiction have any agreement at?
    But some will be found trying to do it anyway.

  2. kgnature profile image60
    kgnatureposted 8 years ago

    I'm not a Christian so I'm probably not the best person to answer this question, but here's my opinion.

    I see Christmas as a time for families to come together.  Some families only get together at this one time of year, and bonds are strengthened through the expressions of love and giving of gifts.  This may have nothing to do with the Christian idea of celebrating Christ's birth, but if you do believe in Christ, what better day to celebrate family than on his birthday?

    I see no harm in the Santa myth.  It's no more harmful to children than the Easter bunny or Tooth Fairy, and these fun experiences are chances for children to develop fond memories with their family that they will take with them throughout their life.  Of course there are everyday opportunities to cherish and treat our children in special ways, but with today's busy lifestyles we forget to make time for special moments.  Annual holidays act as reminders to make time for special moments.

  3. Apostle Jack profile image60
    Apostle Jackposted 8 years ago

    Why do it with a pagan presentation.His birth is pure.And
    Not a make-believe.When you mix it,you contaminate it.
    When you tell your child its right when it is wrong you take
    away the reality of the true presentation of His birth.
    Christian or not,a lie is a rotten apple.

  4. rvsource profile image60
    rvsourceposted 8 years ago

    It's an ongoing lie from generation to generation. They do it because of the religious beliefs and the way the society has been set up. Christmas has nothing to do with the birth of jesus, it's just a season for consumerism

  5. profile image0
    Georgiana85posted 8 years ago

    rvsource is right, Christmas is just a mega sales period, why do you think they are ling when instead of Jesus they talk about Santa? Is Jesus more real than Santa?...Don't think so...Plus they are children do you think they would be more enthusiastic about someone who "they say" was born looong ago or about a good guy delivering presents. In an abstract thinking, Santa does hard work for all of us like Chryst did (so they say) and after that we receive a present from Santa a toy from Him I don't know, what ever he gave us smile.


  6. Lori Allison profile image60
    Lori Allisonposted 8 years ago

    I'm Catholic - close to Christian in believing in Jesus' birth on Christmas. This year I started dating a guy from a Mormon based family. Not 100% "by the book" people - but still goes to church, one wife, no sex before marriage etc, and I was so surprised with how they did Christmas. First off when I asked what my bf favorite thing about Christmas was he said "decorating the tree with family and playing Christmas music to sing with." In my house my mom decorates our tree all color specific. I got to join his family this year to decorate theirs and they had all these little things the family made on theirs. A whole variety of memories to each one. I loved it! Then we went to a pageant where the church members in conjunction with the community put on a play of "The Christmas Story" and the birth of Jesus. It was outside and really cold but it was so eye opening to see so many people coming together. I personally have 4 Chrsitmas' that I celebrate with my family and get gifts everywhere - he got like 10 things for christmas that he needed from his family was so happy about it because it didn't matter what he got just loved spending time with them.
    I have to say this Christmas that just passed was one of the best I have ever had. He came to one of my family functions and I went to one of his as well and it was just so cool to see a family that was more focused on the time they spent together rather than the things they were getting from one another.

    Parents need to re instill the Story of Christmas more than anything to do with Santa. I think if you believe in Santa then one or two things should come from him, and the rest should say from mom or dad so there is more of a family bond and appreciation shared with one another on Christmas. smile


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