We are having problems getting money for "start up" expenses do you have any sug

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    gabmomposted 7 years ago

    We are having problems getting money for "start up" expenses do you have any suggestions?

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    tritrainposted 7 years ago

    I don't know where you live, but you could do a search for micro loans.

    You might be able to get some small loans.

    Otherwise, just keep doing the Hub Pages/Squidoo/Blogger types of sites and save your money that you earn.

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    DFoytikposted 7 years ago

    I sure can. First, there is no need for a loan, unless you have a successful classmate that is OK fronting a bit of money. If the concern is deposits, call your local halls and hotels - most will work with you on deposits.

    1. Set your ticket prices based on the expenses that you expect to incur and to offer discounts if people buy tickets early.

    2.This is where most of our start up came from: start selling ads to local businesses close to where the high school is located. Look through the most current yearbook and see who bought ads in it. Use those businesses as a start, or talk to another class and see who they talked to. You must visit them in person or make calls though - mailing them doesn't work.

    IMPORTANT TIP: Our biggest advertisers were the businesses that our committee members used in their personal lives: Realtors, insurance agents, car salespeople, mechanics, heating and air contractors, roofing companies, etc. Leverage your relationships with the people that you do business with - you spend money with them; they should support your class reunion. We're talking a $60 - $120 commitment - from them - not much money for a local ad.  We also offered design services to the businesses that didn't have ads. Tap your classmates for this - someone in your graduating classs has to be able to scan and use photoshop. If you need design or copywriting work and can't find a classmate, I'll offer to do some for you in trade for a free advertisement in your program and a promise that you'll pass out some of my business cards. Free is well below normal rates, but I am passionate about class reunions. smile

    I would be happy to discuss further and provide you with some free letters and other information that we used via e-mail if you like. All of my contact information is directly on my website: www.bestwrittensolutions.com - feel free to call me - it's easier.

    Again, I am happy to provide any advice or materials free of charge to you. They all worked great for us!