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What is the best gift to give your fiancee for Christmas?

  1. sabbatha1 profile image56
    sabbatha1posted 7 years ago

    What is the best gift to give your fiancee for Christmas?

    Living with a man or a woman how do you decide what to get them for Christmas? How can I keep the presents hidden, so he has know idea what he/she got?

  2. peachpurple profile image83
    peachpurpleposted 7 years ago

    if you plan to give clothes or underwear, keep them in your wardrobe. If the gift is related to electrical items, might as well wait till christmas eve to purchase it bcoz the boxes big enough to be seen. i would usually hide them in places that my spouse wouldn't look that often. example; wardrobe, kitchen, cabinets, behind the bed.

  3. saiv profile image55
    saivposted 7 years ago

    A waaaaaaarm hug and light kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssss.

  4. Pinkchic18 profile image75
    Pinkchic18posted 7 years ago

    If you're anything like I was, the wedding is a little budget-breaking. What we decided on for holidays before the wedding, was that we could only spend under $10. It helps to push you to be creative and actually you could end up with some really cute and thoughtful gifts for each other.