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What is the age limit for trick or treating in your area?

  1. James Halpin profile image69
    James Halpinposted 6 years ago

    What is the age limit for trick or treating in your area?

    Our area doesn't have a "rule" about the age limit of trick or treating but the news always has a story about how parents should try to plan  an event for the older kids to be involved in so they aren't getting into trouble.  They emphazise "teens" in the news stories so I'm guessing 13 is the age that they think they should stop.

  2. JeniferRW profile image82
    JeniferRWposted 6 years ago

    We live in Lexington, Kentucky, and generally the cut off age is 12 or 13 at the absolute oldest. From what I've seen though, when I take my son out, they really don't enforce that law very well. I see kids, much older than that running around from house to house.

  3. MotherDaughterfun profile image59
    MotherDaughterfunposted 6 years ago

    I  live in MN, I would say 10 or 11 any older not any older. Trick or treating is for the kids to enjoy the spirit of Halloween. I hope the older kids do not ruin it.

  4. Lisa HW profile image73
    Lisa HWposted 5 years ago

    There's not really a limit where I live.  For the most part, the oldest Trick or Treaters tend to be 13, maybe.  I suppose a 14-year-old with 13-year old friends may show up here or there.  Also, there's usually a couple of groups of older teens who get a kick out of dressing up (or not bothering to dress up very much at all) and going Trick or Treating with their pals.  The older girls tend to like to dress up.  The older boys usually do the thing of putting on a ski hat and calling it "a costume".  They may be - like - 15 or 16.  I don't mind.  They're having a good time.  It's not a high vandalism area, so the worst I usually see the day after Halloween is usually some candy wrappers that Trick or Treaters (of any age) may have thrown on the ground.  Events are held by one group/organization or another, for kids of all ages; but Trick or Treating is "its own thing" that a lot of kids just enjoy doing in addition to going to the events.  In the "scheme of what teenagers do for fun", I think Trick or Treating is one of the more harmless - even positive - things.   smile  (Where I live, kids that are only 13 most often still have a parent or friend's parent standing down at the street, while the 13-year-old Trick or Treaters do door-knocking thing; so it's really usually only a couple of groups of kids older than that who show up.