How are you Celebrating your Christmas?

  1. tabrezrocks profile image49
    tabrezrocksposted 5 years ago

    How are you Celebrating your Christmas?

  2. Relationshipc profile image87
    Relationshipcposted 5 years ago

    Same as always, parents house for the presents in the morning, visit and cook all day, and then Christmas supper. We used to have a big family Christmas, but with deaths and moves it is now down to my parents, me, and my husband. Small and cozy - but still feels the same! smile

    How about you?

  3. daveyboy1957 profile image62
    daveyboy1957posted 5 years ago

    as always spent Christmas Eve with my family and relatives and will spend Christmas Day with wife's family.... without Family there is no Christmas is how I see it.  God Bless Everyone and have a safe holiday.... Merry Christmas.