Can you recommend any events or places that make it seem like Christmas in Flori

  1. Cari Kay 11 profile image94
    Cari Kay 11posted 3 years ago

    Can you recommend any events or places that make it seem like Christmas in Florida?

    We've moved to Florida.  I love Christmas and I do miss having more than four days of winter each year smile   Aside from Disney, can your recommend any places to visit or events to attend to get a bit of the Christmas experience here in Florida?

  2. connorj profile image75
    connorjposted 3 years ago

    Well there are many ways to enjoy Christmas in Florida. There is a wonderful train ride (polar express) from Orlando out to the west of the city. I think it involves cutting a Christmas tree (although it is a cedar tree). There is skating and snow activities at various venues including the place where I play hockey (RDV in Maitland, FL). There are ice sculptures at a hotel down near the theme parks. The trails in Seminole County during December are so refreshing to hike on with or without dogs. Well you may enjoy bicycling rather than hiking on the trails in the "crisp" days of December. Santa visits the major malls and puts on the usual show. The churches come to life during this season because of Someone's birth. Many, many varieties are offered from a re-enactment of Bethlehem to festivals and Midnight Mass at the most beautiful Mary Queen of the Universe Basilica. I must not forget mailing your Christmas cards to your Northern friends from  the significantly small postal office in Christmas, Florida...
    Yet perhaps most of all Christmas may perhaps be a time where you simply spend time with your family getting to know your wonderful neighborhood. Many neighborhoods have block or whole neighborhood events or socials. Perhaps that would ease your transition to the Sunshine State...

  3. Glenda Motsavage profile image83
    Glenda Motsavageposted 3 years ago

    I'm smiling at your question, Cari Kay, because that's the topic of my latest Hub I'm trying to finish. I was hoping to publish today, but ran into all kinds of issues with the website.

    I've lived in Florida for the past 14 years, and struggled with the same question early on. Of course, you already know that no one does Christmas better than Disney - so we won't go there!

    My very favorite place, thus far, during the Holidays is St. Augustine. Their annual "Nights of Lights" festival is definitely worth checking out. It runs for 2 months from November 22 to January 31. You'll see over 2 million white lights which can be viewed on foot, by carriage, or by boat. The Christmas "Tour of Homes" and "Tour of Bed and Breakfast Inns" is a must see!  And... one extra benefit... it's in northern Florida so it's usually a little "cooler!"

    I could mention more, but better go work on my Hub! :-)