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Is Christmas about the birth of Jesus or sharing of gifts?

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    Lussion Freddieposted 2 years ago

    Is Christmas about the birth of Jesus or  sharing of gifts?

    Some say Christmas originated from the birth of Jesus Christ (Holy Bible) that  he was born  to save  mankind, well that's what every heroes say!!
    Christmas is mainly for the Christians...but in recent times Christmas  isn't fully about the birth of Jesus now..yeah it's more of  the trees,snowman,snow,santa clause, etc you  all know  what  I am saying.
    You have celebrated Christmas for many  years  now  but  have you ever  ever  think, search, and know about the  origin of Christmas and it's importance. Well people don't care nowadays. Here is  my advice know what you do before you do it!


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    peter565posted 2 years ago

    Jesus is born in June, but already there was new year celebration by the end of December prior to Christianity, when the Catholic Church ruled Europe during dark and middle ages, they move Christmas to December to replace the original new year. Since then, Christmas become both a new year holiday and a Christian holiday.

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    jlparkposted 2 years ago


    December 25ish isn't just the reported birthdate of Jesus (I have a hub with info relating to how he wasn't born Dec 25th, if he existed as a person.

    Winter (or summer depending on hemisphere you're in) solstice is Dec 21

    Numerous religions have Dec 25 as a date of birth for their God....all in existence before Jesus and Christianity.

    So, Jesus is the reason for the Christian version of the season, but not all. Have you looked at the reasons for season before you ask us all to look at your reason? Or have you not considered them?

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    Janellegemsposted 16 months ago

    You are absolutely true that the birth of Jesus is not in December, but December is chosen to celebrate His birth.   In response to your question, Christ is God's gift to mankind and as Christians we have to share His gift with others, in word and with our good deeds.   So at Christmas it is a very good time to think of others less fortunate than us and show Christ's love by doing what we can.  I do not always make it my duty to give gifts to relatives.  I stopped that many years ago.  I more seek out to help those in need, the poor, children, those who have no one, the lonely, those in nursing homes, the homeless at Christmas. etc.