Royal Wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton to stay in Dublin

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    theirishobserver.posted 6 years ago

    Mercantile Hotel

    It has been rumoured that William and Kate will spend a couple of days of their honeymoon in Dublin.

    Step Back in Time in the Modern Luxurious surrounds of the Mercantile Hotel.

    After a spot of shopping, a walk in the Phoenix Park or a good auld fashioned stroll around Temple Bar there can be nothing better than a few pints, a bite to eat and world class entertainment in the Mercantile Hotel. Sitting just a short walk from Temple Bar it is no surprise that a steady stream of patrons have made a beaten track to the Mercantile where traditional high standards of customer service are matched with newly refurbished modern luxurious surrounds.

    The Mercantile has a world renowned reputation for setting the bar high when it comes to customer satisfaction. The Mercantile had its grand reopening a couple of weeks ago and that refurbishment has simply added to that which went before. The refurbishment is tasteful and delightful and makes one feel that there has been a real investment of time and energy here, not to mention money in what are difficult economic times for everyone.

    When one enters the Mercantile one is captured by the soft aroma of good cooking, classical socialising and the anticipation of an evening filled with world class entertainment. The bar food is of the highest quality and for this writer that food was complemented by a perfectly poured pint of Arthur’s best, cool, creamy dreamy pour of Guinness that is so often spoiled by the rushed hand of a tourist driven industry.

    The Mercantile has been based in Dame Street in one form or another since 1835 and it is that classic tradition combined with a pleasant ambiance and layout that makes the Mercantile an Oasis of comfort and luxury in a wilderness of uncertainty. (Review by Dasher, April 2011)