When Birthday Parties are OUTRAGEOUSLY Expensive

  1. talfonso profile image81
    talfonsoposted 5 years ago

    Remember when birthday parties were simple? They were mostly held at home, with simple party games. You provided the food and cake, which was nothing more than one cloaked with buttercream icing.

    Well, most parents those days are over-exaggerating the celebrations. What I mean is that they are hosting parties at their party places, bowling alleys, and even hotel ballrooms. Oh, and their cakes are often covered with fondant. Their bills prove to the world that they overcomplicated the idea of singing "Happy Birthday to You" and having the celebrants blow candles on the cakes? (Confession: my parents were among those people. For instance, they hired costumed characters to perform at my 4th birthday at a veterans' hall.)

    What do you think about parties those days? Have you been to a party that doesn't spare any expense? How was it and what did you think? How would you throw a party for your child amid the splashier galas that cost nearly the same as weddings?