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Funny Santa Hats

Updated on December 18, 2013

Be the Life of the Party with Funny Santa Hats

Santa's signature red hat with a fluffy white ball on the end is a common sight during the Christmas season. But why be normal? These funny Santa hats are sure to make you the life of any holiday party and bring smiles to the friends and family who see you in your fun new cap. And isn't that Santa's job - bringing smiles at Christmas?

(Image of funny Santa hat provided by amazon)

Singing Santa Hat - Plays "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"

This may look like a fairly typical Santa hat, but it's not - it's a singing Santa hat. Put it on an become the musical life of the party.

Hallmark Rockin' Talkin" Santa Hat
Hallmark Rockin' Talkin" Santa Hat

Hallmark Rockin' Talkin' Santa Hat fits most people over the age of 12. Includes 2 replaceable AA batteries.


Santa Hat with Dreadlocks - Funny Santa hat goes Rastafarian

What would Santa look like with dreadlocks? You'll get an idea when you put on this hat with dreadlocks.

Dread Santa Plush Hat by elope
Dread Santa Plush Hat by elope

A Fun Twist on a Classic! For a Different Look this Holiday Season, You Can't Go Wrong with Our Unique Dreadlock Santa Hat! (Glasses Not Included)


Here's a great way to have fun with Santa hats at your holiday party.

The goal of the Santa Hat Game is to NOT be the last one wearing a hat. To begin the game, every guest must don some type of holiday headwear, whether it's a Santa hat, reindeer antlers or elf ears.

Then one person is selected as the leader. This can be the host, the manager (if it's an office party), or someone selected by the group. The leader must also be wearing a hat.

Then let the party begin! Guests can now go about their business and have fun! At some point, the leader should remove his or her hat. This is the signal for the game to begin, but the goal is to remove the hat without fanfare so that other guests won't immediately notice.

Once the leader has taken off his or her hat, the guests should also start quietly removing their headwear. The last person wearing a hat is the loser and has to suffer the consequences.

The penalty for losing should be a fun penalty such as eating a slice of fruitcake, singing a Christmas song a capella or doing a holiday dance in front of everyone. Be creative and make it fun!

Nightmare Before Christmas Santa Hat - Dress like Santa AND Jack!

If you're a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas, you'll enjoy this Jack Santa hat with beard.

elope Jack Santa with Beard Hat
elope Jack Santa with Beard Hat

Deck the halls and deck yourself out as your favorite skeletal "Sandy Claws" with this wonderful recreation of Jack Skellington's Santa hat. This officially licensed hat comes complete with the crooked shape, long, thin beard and Jack's image. There are children throwing snowballs, instead of throwing heads, they are busy building toys, and absolutely no one's dead.


Pink Sequin Light Up Santa Hat - It's pink, it's shiny, it's fun!

Pink is the new red on this hat that is adorned with some shiny sequins, too.

Santa's Naughty or Nice List Hat - Two-sided funny Santa hat

Are you being naughty or nice today? Turn this hat around to show the world whether you're on Santa's Nice List or not today.

Santa Christmas Hat with Hand Stitched Naughty Or Nice Festive Holiday Hat
Santa Christmas Hat with Hand Stitched Naughty Or Nice Festive Holiday Hat

Get ready for the big night with one of Santa's adorable hats. Says "Naughty" on one side and "Nice" on the other side of hat. Picture is of one hat showing both sides


Curly Q Santa Hat for Kids - A silly cap for kids

This curly Q gives a new look to Santa's trademark red and white cap.

elope Curly Q Santa Hat
elope Curly Q Santa Hat

Show Your Playful Side! You'll Be the Life of the Party in Our Oh So Fun and Festive Curly Q Santa Hat!


Twisted, Funny Santa Hat - A new twist on an old favorite

Santa's hat is red and white, and this one is twisty, too!

Rasta Imposta Original Wired Santa, Red, One Size
Rasta Imposta Original Wired Santa, Red, One Size

Each Deluxe Plush Wired Santa Hat Comes with an Unlimited Supply of Holiday Cheer. (Rudolph, Dasher and Prancer Sold Separately)


Striped Santa Hat - Tri-color funny Santa hat

Candy Cane Stripe Santa Hat - 12 Pack
Candy Cane Stripe Santa Hat - 12 Pack

Add some color to Santa's hat with this red, white and green striped version.


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Have Some Fun With Your Hats!

Click here for some fun Christmas photo ideas

Which of These Funny Santa Hats Do Your Prefer? - Or should Santa stick with the traditional look?

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