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Ghastly Garden Gnomes for Halloween

Updated on August 3, 2013

Creepy Gnomes for Your Yard

The scariest decoration in your yard is not the animated tombstone or the skeleton sitting in a rocky chair on your front porch. No, the scariest Halloween decoration lurking in your yard will be the garden gnome.

Don't believe me? Check out this collection of zombie and headless gnomes ready to terrify visitors.

Image Credit: Creepy Gnome by Shawn DeWolfe, reproduced under a CC BY 2.0 license

You'll Never Look at a Garden Gnome the Same Way Again!

Headless Garden Gnome

Headless Garden Gnome Halloween Decor
Headless Garden Gnome Halloween Decor
The headless garden gnome - wrong on so may levels - has to be my favorite of the Halloween styled garden gnomes. The red hat on the headless gnome and the bloody saw are enough to send a shiver down my spine.

Give Your Garden Friend a Halloween Inspired Makeover

If you are looking to create your own gnome with a Halloween theme you can repurpose that cute gnome sitting in your garden. I found an article on entitled How to Paint Gnomes that will give you a few pointers on how to give your lawn ornament a freaky fabulous new look (though the article isn't necessarily concerned with turning your friend into a fiend). The advice will help you on how to get a nice finish for your remade ornament. For complete illustrated instructions on how to paint a zombie gnome check out Zombie Garden Gnome Mod by The Papier Boy which features 9 step instructions.

For those ready to let their creativity flow try painting some blood dripping down from the mouth or add some blood shot eyes to get your gnome ready for fright night but be sure to you outdoor ceramic paint and slap on a layer of outdoor varnish to seal in the paint. The last think you would want is for the elements to damage your horrifying piece of Halloween art.

Image by Shawn DeWolfe reproduced under CC BY 2.0 license

Zombified Garden Gnomes

Garden gnomes are supposed to be sweet little men and women decorating your garden. Unfortunately, zombie gnomes only want one thing - your brains. No, seriously can you imagine walking home late one night and your eye briefly catches on one of these zombie gnomes illuminated by a street light. I have chills just thinking about it.

Forum Novelties Halloween Horror Zombie Garden Gnome
Forum Novelties Halloween Horror Zombie Garden Gnome
Looks like this seventeen inch plastic garden gnome has been enjoying a little snack. The blood dripping down from his mouth and outstretched hands is enough to give me nightmares? How about you?
Fun Express - Zombie Gnome for Halloween - Home Decor - Figurines - Molded - Halloween - 1 Piece
Fun Express - Zombie Gnome for Halloween - Home Decor - Figurines - Molded - Halloween - 1 Piece
This Zombie gnome is out to get you with outstretched hands with crazy dilated eyes. The icky green goo hangs off his beard with a handsome red bug. The gnome's skeleton frog companion is a nice detail.
OTC Zombie Gnome Girl Garden Statue Sculpture Halloween Decor
OTC Zombie Gnome Girl Garden Statue Sculpture Halloween Decor
This girl zombie garden gnome is decked out his a black witch hat with a moon design. The goo dripping from her mouth adds to her scary appeal.

Are You Afraid?

If you came face to face with these gnomes on a dark night would they cause you a fright?

See results

Zombie Gnomes Attack

Enjoy this mini horror film entitled Attack of the Zombie Gnomes! Will anyone ever be safe again? Will someone rise up to stop these sinister lawn ornaments.

Happy Halloween

Gnome and His Pet Spider by garlandcannon reproduced under a CC BY-SA license.

More Halloween Decorations

Here are a couple of project I did to add some Halloween spirit to my home. Try them out or challenge yourself to create your own DIY Halloween decoration.

RIP Black Ribbon Topiary
The RIP Black Ribbon Topiary is easy to create and adds a whimsical decoration to your Halloween mantel display or party. I created this project out of some ...

Witch Craft: Clay Pot Witch Craft

Create a green skinned witch out of polymer clay and clay pots for your Halloween display. Easy project for adults and children alike.

Will You Add a Halloween Gnome to Your Garden?

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    • GregoryMoore profile image

      Gregory Moore 

      7 years ago from Louisville, KY

      I'm not sure if I will add one to my garden, but definitely think it is a creative idea.


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