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Favorite Book of 2011

Updated on January 7, 2016
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially movies, and actors. she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

Dungeons of Darkness

No matter how much you read, sometimes the books leave you feeling empty, sometimes one out of the 100 you read in the year is the only book that leaves a mark on you. You remember bits and pieces of it (or at least an image of once of the scenes from the book still burned in your head.)

The book on this pages is what did that for me. However its not the only reason, some books flow, some are a chore to finish.

This book is everything I love about this type of a book. It reads well, & smooth, a bit witty as well. Being as a memoir of sorts, it takes you behind the scenes as well as gives you tips amoung other information.

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The Review

Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of The Ghost Adventures Crew
Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of The Ghost Adventures Crew
I love the way the book was written, as if he's sitting right there talking to you. as I previously said in the introduction This book is everything I love about this type of a book. It reads well, & smooth, a bit witty as well. Being as a memoir of sorts, it takes you behind the scenes as well as gives you tips Zak takes you on a journey to locations the Ghost Adventures crew previously investigated, and takes you further behind the scenes in a way and talking about what you didn't get to see on tv. The lead investigator also gives would be Ghost Hunters (or skeptics) some tips and tricks as well as mentioning some of the gadgets you would use on an investigation. Zak also includes some collegues opinions at the end as to the future of what they hope will happen inthe field what we'll see or wish to. I'd say weather fan of the show, skeptic or not...from what I've read & interesting read. a few years later....I While re-reading I have been thinking that this could have been organized a little better, though I’m not sure if ‘organize’ is quite right. It’s a look back on previous lock-downs, somewhat a beginner’s manual to being a paranormal researcher and some facts on Zak throughout. It is not this of what I mean about the organize part. The parts which he talks about the equipment I thought that maybe that should be talked about first then go into the apparitions, Orbs etc. I do still enjoy reading it, and love remembering the ones I’ve seen on the show. This is somewhat a behind the scenes as they take footage from a few days and edit it down to an hour so some of what they couldn’t get on tv (or may not have been aloud) Zak talks about in here.

Skip ahead to 2015

I learn Zak will release another book.

Titled I am Haunted... well from previously following him on Twitter, and watching the show... The man is Haunted! Forget 'Animal Magnetism". He's got ghostly magnetism.

Before I Am Haunted came out I re-read Dark World

an excerpt from my blog's review

One of the questions the book asks is if more than one spirit can inhabit a body, Zak covers the health risks of the job and for a guy who hates clowns & Dolls and with some just the looks of some I can understand and if you saw the episode harold the Doll is no joke! Zak also covers the weather’s ‘Paranormal’ connection and his own to Kurt Corbain & Lane Stanley 2 members from the grunge rock era that were taken by their own demons. Speaking of which demons, Zak finally covers Ouija boards which people always recklessly use thinking it’s a ‘game’ Try looking up the rules and be sure to follow them.

Other topics is Location disappointments, debunking, Guest Investigators (which I love when someone comes in I recognize.. Vince Neil & What was that characters name from the Roadhouse on Supernatural?) and GHosts of Girlfriends past or well more so the fact that they get chased away by them and how some of his fans scare him.


My blog post review on I am Haunted and

2015 Library on the Fly page (hoover on the Book Nook tab)


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