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How To Make Unique Gift Baskets Using Themed Fillers

Updated on February 2, 2011

Making Gift Baskets

Sometimes it can be hard to find that one special item for someone. Whether it be for Christmas, a birthday or some other special occasion, gift shopping becomes a stressful exercise of continually second guessing yourself.

It can be especially difficult at Christmas when you have numerous people to shop for. You have no idea what your twelve year old niece already has or what your mother in law needs. And then, there's the college age kids who probably think your gifts will be lame....What solution is there?

Make your own gift basket! Renewable items, smaller gifts you know they will like, fun gadgets, personalized gifts...On their own each one may not seem like much of a gift but put these  items together in a nice gift basket, suddenly you have a gift with pizzazz!

That doesn't mean you should only do gift baskets with low priced items. Some small items are very expensive and when put in a basket with other less expensive items the gift looks more festive. You can do a gift basket in any price range. A bottle of expensive cologne for your father or husband would work well in a basket with maybe some gloves, socks and nuts, all displayed as decoratively as possible.

A theme gift basket is an easy way to go for coming up with filler ideas. If a daughter loves pink and Barbie dolls, fill the basket with a doll and accessories to go with it. Be sure to include a pink dress for Barbie and a pink bow for the basket!

There are endless possibilities of themes and I have listed some to help spur on some ideas.

You don't have to use an actual basket for the basket either. A wine cooler could work for a wine gift basket, a trash can bearing a college logo for a college gift basket, or a collander for a pasta gift basket are all unique ideas.

I have given some gift basket ideas for various ages below. Hopefully these will get you thinking and get your shopping season started with some inspiration.


wine gift basket
wine gift basket

Wine Gift Basket

If you need to buy a gift for someone who likes to drink wine, then a wine gift basket would be a wonderful treat. You can buy wine at any price level so it is versatile for the range you need to stay in.

At the high end, you could buy an expensive bottle of wine and include a nice bottle opener, some wine glasses, a decorative wine stopper and some wine glass charms.

At the lower end of the scale, you could purchase a moderately priced bottle of wine and include some nuts or a jar of gourmet olives.

Some other ideas to include in a wine basket are a wine bottle carrying bag, a wine journal, a book about wines, a wine bottle holder or some crackers and fruit. 

Think of the style of the person receiving the gift.  If they also like rustic décor then make the wine accessories rustic as well.  If the person is more eccentric, find some artsy accessories.  Always keep the person's personality in mind.  You could even include a monogrammed wine bottle holder or monogrammed wine glasses for some personalized gifts.

college gift basket
college gift basket

College Gift Baskets

For the college students in your life, a college themed basket would be nice. Most kids are proud of the colleges they are attending and would appreciate gifts showing school spirit.

Some items to consider are a college tee shirt or sweat shirt, a blanket or a hat. Other items, not bearing the college name, would be a backpack, laptop case and notebooks.

Small things for the dorm room to help with organization like a change holder, bulletin board, picture frames or a nice smelling room spray all make great gift ideas.

A simple idea for a college gift basket is just healthy snack foods. College students rarely get enough healthy food and  this would be a welcome treat for anytime.  Simply purchase this ready made basket and your college student will be all set with power snacks for quite some time.

movie gift baskets
movie gift baskets

Movie Gift Baskets

For the person who is extremely hard to shop for, a movie gift basket may just be the ticket. Finding out which movies to buy may take a secretive phone call but other than that it's an easy basket to fill.

Fill the basket with a movie rental gift card or as many dvd's as you want and then add some microwave popcorn, candy, a popcorn bowl or ceramic popcorn basket (this could even be your basket to fill if it is big enough).

You could even get a paint pen and write the person's name on the ceramic popcorn basket to personalize it. The basket would then have to be hand washed so you would want to make a note of that.

spa gift baskets
spa gift baskets

Spa Gift Baskets

What woman doesn't like to be pampered?  A spa gift basket is perfect for any woman in your life.  Lotions and body washes are renewable items that are always needed.  Bath beads and bath oils all smell so nice, the scent will come right through the basket.  The prettiness alone of a spa basket makes a woman feel pampered.

You could include a gift certificate for a facial, massage, manicure or pedicure for a more extravagant gift.  These are all luxury services that a busy woman will appreciate.  Most women don't take time out or spend the money on themselves for these types of things.

Here is a great spa gift basket all ready and set to go. The natural coloring just eeks of elegance and luxury. Purchasing this ready made basket and then adding a facial gift certificate would be extra special and gift it a personal touch.

pasta gift baskets
pasta gift baskets

Pasta Gift Baskets

Food baskets are always an option for the person who has everything.  Grandparents sometimes appreciate these when the last thing they want is more "stuff".

Think of what their favorite food may be.  If it is pasta, then make a pasta basket.  It can be made up in an attractive way including a collander and some fun oven mitts.  A jar of specialty pasta sauce and spices adds to the pasta.

Another gift idea is fruit basket gifts.  Almost everyone loves fresh fruit.  If you have a relative who lives a long distance away, who you may not see during the holidays, this may be a nice thing to order and have shipped right to their home.

See Gift Baskets On Rachel Ray

kid gift baskets
kid gift baskets
kids gift baskets
kids gift baskets

Kids Gift Baskets

Even kids would enjoy receiving a gift basket.  This is a fun way to provide gifts to neices and nephews who you don't know exactly what to buy for.  Maybe you can think of several gifts under $5 but can't think of a large dollar item.  Simply buy the smaller items and arrange them in a basket.

Some ideas are card games, $5 dvds, make-up (little girls love to play dress up), matchbox cars, barbie clothes, and books.

Again, depending on the price range you are going for, your basket can be as extravagant as you want to make it.  Maybe you want to fill it with gifts under $20.  Then, your options just increase.

I love this idea for a baby shower. Whether you buy the gift on your own or go in with a few other people, this is something that would be treasured by both mom and baby. The toys are sure to stimulate babies growth and develop.

Buy A Christmas Gift Basket

 Here is a ready made gift basket perfect for anyone for a Christmas gift.  The highlight of this basket is Casey Sparklefrost the fifteen inch genuine Boyd's Bear.  He comes riding in a beautifully crafted wooden sleigh filled with holiday decorations and treats.


  • set of four Love's Glow votive candle holders
  • "Dougy" the resin Boyd's Bear Christmas keepsake figurine
  • 2 oz. snowman cookies
  • 4 oz. orange walnut thimble cookies
  • 2 hot chocolate envelopes


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    • Research Analyst profile image

      Research Analyst 5 years ago

      I like to make unique gift baskets every year, its really fun.

    • Song-Bird profile image

      Renee Hanlon 8 years ago from Michigan

      You are welcome dohn! Thanks for stopping by.

    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      I found that if you make your own basket to give to someone that it's usually much more cost effective. It's also much more personalized as well, as you have the advantage of knowing the person's likes and dislikes. This is a great idea for the holiday season for a myriad of reasons. Thanks, Song-bird!

    • Song-Bird profile image

      Renee Hanlon 8 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks for commenting mudassarali!

    • mudassarali143 profile image

      mudassarali143 8 years ago from


      these are nice

      pretty packing

      nice baskets

      specially yummy ???