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Gift Ideas for the 10 and 11 Year Old Girl

Updated on September 28, 2014

What to get that 10 or 11 year old girl

As a grandmother I do find it challenging to shop for my grand-daughters when they reach this age. I have 2 grand-daughters at this age right now and it hasn't been easy shopping for their birthday gifts so I am planning ahead for the Christmas gifts.

There was a time, and not that long ago, that as long as the gift had lots of bling or involved cheetah print they were happy. Total little girls...they loved dolls, playing house, doing crafts and wearing lots of "bling". Well, that time has gone by and now they are very specific in what they will wear and for heaven sake grandma " I don't play with toys anymore!"

Oh dear, my little girls are growing up. Now they know exactly what their outfit should look like and who their favorite band is. Well dear friends, I hope this lens help you find the perfect gift for your 10 or 11 year old girl no matter who she is.

Faux Eye Glasses

I know, I know. It's hard to believe that you would want to wear glasses if you don't need them. However, the new trend is "fake eye glasses" and the young girls love them.

They wear them to the mall when shopping with mom and they wear them to school. The 50's look is very popular, you know the cat eye glasses and anything with bright colors.


Buy several pair so they can change the glasses to match what they are wearing!

Mood Jewelry

Rings and necklaces plus much more....

The Mood Jewelry has been around for a long time and it is back with a fashion flare. The Justice for Girls stores carry it and my grand-daughter loves it. They give you a little slip of paper that tells you what your mood is depending on the color of the stone. Fun! Fun! Fun!

The Band: One Direction

Omigosh, you don't know who One Direction is? Really. That's what Emma asked me...really Grandma, you don't know who One Direction is?

No Emma, I have never heard of One Direction...what do they do? Well, they are just the best boy band in the WORLD!

So, if you have a young girl age 10 or 11, believe me, they know who One Direction is and they looove them.

They will adore anything that has to do with this band!

One Direction Goodie

Pick up anything with One Direction on it and you will have a winner.

Moustache is the Word

Hoola Hoops are out but the moustache is in. Anything moustache related is cool, hip or hot. However you say it the moustache takes first billing this year for the hot new item that everyone and I mean everyone will want.

You'll find moustache print on shoes and totes, Moustache t-shirts and hoodies. Moustache glasses and jewelry. You won't believe it. But just look around when you are in your local mall. Yes, it is moustache time.

Any age Girl loves her makeup

Little girls start getting into their mother's makeup at a very early age. How many pictures have you seen with lipstick all over a 2 year olds face? They find mom's makeup drawer and they are off and running or should I say hiding?

Your tween girl is no exception. It is a great time to start with some tinted lip gloss and maybe a little cologne. Oh and don't forget the nail polish. Young girls love to polish their nails and even their toe nails. So many bright colors to choose from these days.

The Dork Diaries

Author: Rachel Renee Russell

The Dork Diaries are written by Rachel Renee Russell, who also illustrated her books. Rachel is an attorney and mother of two daughters. She has a pet Yorkie, who Rachel says is very spoiled. I love that about her because I also spoil my dog!

These books are about 8th grader, Nikki Maxwell who has moved to a new "snooty" school and her struggles being the new kid, her battles with her mother about getting an iphone and how she loves drawing. It's a "want to" read book for girls aged 9 thru 13.

The Sleepover

We use to call them slumber parties but nowadays it is called a SLEEPOVER".

No matter what they are called your tween will need an overnight bag, some cool jammies and maybe a sleeping bag.

I remember one sleepover that one of my grand-daughters had with 12 girls! Omigosh, I can't believe my daughter allowed that to happen. But, those girls had so much fun. I wish I had a picture of what they did to my son-in-law. He sat on the sofa and let those girls put makeup on him, they did his nails (toe-nails too) and topped it off with a big afro wig. Sorry I don't have pictures.

In two words - Duct Tape

Amazing what you can do with Duct Tape but leave it to the crafters and their imagination the sky is the limit. This is not your grandfather's duct tape. It comes in all different sizes, colors and styles. Support your favorite sports team, pick your favorite color and let your imagination run wild. If you don't want to make something with it, buy something all ready made with duct tape.


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