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Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys.

Updated on October 3, 2011

Now I'm a little more than 5 but I can tell you one thing about boys, we like toys of action. Fortunately, a boy of 5 has cheaper toys than a boy of my age!

Toy Gift - My favorite toys for boys that age are things like the stomp rocket. I'm going totally non-commercial here and not posting links to eBay or amazon because I want to make a point. A stomp rocket is nothing more than a tube with fins at the end of a hose with a bellows. When the child stomps on the bellows, the rocket flies up in the air. Boys (of all ages) love this stuff.

The plastic is cheap and shouldn't break glass or damage cars if it lands on one and boys being boys will do whatever it takes to make it go as high as possible. The good side from a parent's point of view is the thing is virtually indestructible and it probably won't cause too much damage. The bonus here is that it does not work too well if you pick it up and aim it at something or someone. It pretty much has to go straight up in the air.

Safe and fun, what more could a boy want!

Homemade Gift - Now if you want to go really creative and homemade, you could make your own children's calendar that your 5 year old could color. All you need is a computer, a printer, some paper and a little bit of creativity. The example shown at the site is for a Batman Calendar! Find something your 5 year old would love to color, get a box of crayons and you have a gift!

Homemade Calendar

These are just a couple of suggestions.  Good luck and make sure you give them a funny card.  5 year old's love to laugh.


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    • Didge profile image

      Didge 5 years ago from Southern England

      Always keep creating those hub Tom T!

    • Tom T profile image

      Tom T 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Thanks Kelly. Good one. I had 3 'Bothers' too..

    • profile image

      Kelly 6 years ago

      This was a great resource for me when I was trying to either make or buy a present for my little 5 year old brother or I should say " Bother"(well he is annoying but I had no choice but to give him a present!) he loved his present! Thanks to the maker of this website!

      Thanks! :)

    • profile image

      Debbie 9 years ago

      I am an adult but I will always be a kid at heart. Don't forget hobbies are stress enders.

    • Tom T profile image

      Tom T 9 years ago from Orange County, CA

      I'm afraid I still like the little toys and the big toys as well. I've tried in my adulthood to limit my 'hobbies'!

    • profile image

      Debbie 9 years ago

      Wow!~ Tom, I love 5 year old boys.... and 5 year old girls too of course! I was a tomboy as a little girl. I have an older brother. When we were kids we used to share each others toys. Of course I liked his toys because they were cooler and he liked his toys because they were cooler because they were all action toys.,! After a while my father caught on and gave me that train set. Boys toys were always cooler to me. Even today when I see them I like them better. You know, Hot Wheels and Rocketmen, rockem sockem robots, action figures etc...... he even had a dinosauer as big as us, motorized that used to scare me but I liked it. What about Tony Pony or those old metal pedal fire engines? I used to love those, it really felt like I was driving it! Your right about the toys getting more expensive as we get older, my brothers race car ,(when he raced cars) cost a fortune just to put it on the track.