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Gift Ideas for 5th Graders

Updated on November 22, 2015

How often does your 5th grader use a computer?

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Birthday and Christmas Gift Ideas for 5th Graders

Fifth grade is a great time to let your ten your old start to explore the world around them. Gift ideas include letting them start to explore the internet which is fun, educational, and challenging. Other gifts include large building sets, disgusting science kits, and the usual books, videos, and gift cards.

If you you need more ideas, check out my 6th Grade Gift Ideas.

Bring out the Scientist in your Fifth grader

In grade school, exposure to science is very limited in our area so supplementing that experience with some things to do at home is a great way to get them a head start before junior high. STEM (Science, technology, engineering, math) are gaining more focus, boys and girls love experimenting and trying that they see on TV and the internet, the more gross and disgusting the better.

Computers and Electronics

Whether going into fifth grade or in the middle of fifth grade, a laptop is a great educational tool. It's also a great time as they are going into junior high in less than a year and it takes a little bit of time to get use to a new computer. Computers are not the one year models anymore, as their speeds are no longer doubling every year. Instead a good computer near the current high benchmarks will last until high school.

Remote Control Battle Machines Laser Tag

Here's a great combination any 10 year old boy would love to play with his brother. Remote control cars that are playing laser tag. These RC vehicles were designed to play tag together. Now, when will they attach a paint ball gun to the car?

Building Toys for fifth graders

Ten year olds have mastered the basic Lego toys, so it may be time to move to the bigger sets that include more than 1000 Lego bricks. Of course, the ships from Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, and now the Marvel Superheros are all favorites.

My kids love playing with all kinds of building toys. The more complicated and taller they are the better. K'nex has some great items that provide movement such as many carnival rides such as a big roller coaster that stand about three feet tall.

The more complicated the toy, the more patience and perseverance that must be exerted to complete, which gives kids confidence when facing obstacles in real life.

Gifts for 5th Grade Girls

Ten year old girls are growing out of toys and are looking to become more sophisticated. They are also interested in music more and helping them find the right music to listen to is always challenging. And of course, they are getting into what they wear.

Puzzles and Mind Benders

Around fifth grade, kids start to become interested in puzzles like Sudoku, Mind Benders, Crosswords, and word searches. These type of gifts help kids start to gain confidence with numbers, think logically, and begin to stretch their understanding of alternate meanings to words and phrases.

More educational gifts

Educational toys are a most for all kids. In 5th grade, the toys get more fun, lots of science kits that create smells, explodes, and other experiments. Other games and activities that allow 10 year olds to learn are great as well, I especially like math games and vocabulary games. If you are thinking reading games, just buy a book.

Gift Cards

5th graders love gift cards and cash. These gifts help teach kids to make decisions on what they can buy and begin the process of understanding how much things cost. Remember you don't always have to stuff a gift card into a birthday card, there are puzzles and other great containers.

Help out the next person and let us know what birthday gift or christmas gift to get our fifth grader.

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      well I'm a fifth grader and the things I would want are dovicci make your case and an up graded phone like the iPhone 6

    • profile image


      5 years ago


    • profile image


      6 years ago

      IPod 5 for a fifth grader

    • Joycevoice profile image


      6 years ago

      Stocking Stuffers: silly putty, mechanical pencils, stress balls

      Gifts: books in a series (Harry Potter), Minecraft video games (not violent), Wii games, laptop accessories, iTunes gift cards, cell phone accessories.


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