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Top 10 Gifts for College Students

Updated on April 4, 2014

The Top Student Gifts

College students are easy to shop for, they need everything! You know sometimes even the most experienced and independent students need a little something extra and that's why we compiled the following list of some of the best Christmas gift ideas for your college student. It's a thoughtful gift suggestion list with selections they'll love and you'll find reasonable as well.

In addition to all the great shopping for the student Christmas gifts, a cool interactive visitor poll to determine our Top 10 gifts Student Christmas Gifts. Anybody can add to the list of gifts, and everyone is encouraged to vote for the hottest gift ideas for College Students 2014.

DCMA Notice by Walter Baumgarten

Lively up your camping trips and family reunions with this full BlongoBall set. Appropriate for use both outdoors and indoors, BlongoBall combines elements from bocce, horseshoes, croquet, and other lawn sports, but adds a unique twist: rather than throwing a ball or a shoe, you throw a BlongoBall, which is technically two small spheres connected by a thin stretch of rope.

The goal is to wrap your BlongoBall around one of the horizontal bars of the BlonGoal, which stands 25 feet away (or less if kids are playing). Players score one, two, or three points with a successful throw, depending on which bar the BlongoBall grabs. And the game ends when one person or team reaches 21 points exactly. You can even add a bit of defensive strategy to the game by trying to knock your opponent's BlongoBalls off the bars.

Blongo Ball Complete Game Set

College Cookbook - From Trader Joes


f your college student is sick and tired of frozen microwave TV dinners, and pizza delivery here's an awesome cookbook featuring delicious recipes with quality ingredients all available with one quick easy affordable stop at Trader Joes.

The I Love Trader Joe's College Cookbook: 150 Cheap and Easy Gourmet Recipes
The I Love Trader Joe's College Cookbook: 150 Cheap and Easy Gourmet Recipes

This is a great gift for a recent high school grad going off to college, but it isn't just for college kids! Anybody the appreciates Trader Joes unique quality will love this cookbook.


Wouldn't this make a great gift for a student, or a commuter? The machine brews right into the thermal travel mug and then shuts itself off, so your favorite coffee lover can simply grab and go!Great for commuters, office professionals, and one-coffee-drinker households, this personal coffeemaker brews 15 ounces of coffee directly into a stainless-steel travel mug.

The mug has a rubber handle for a safe grip and a lid to keep coffee hot. It's tapered to a 2-1/2-inch-diameter bottom, so it fits most vehicle cup holders. The coffeemaker itself is designed for an on-the-go coffee drinker. It has a permanent filter--no messy disposable paper filters required--and shuts off automatically after brewing.

The Targus XL Notebook Backpack is perfect for the notebook user who carries their life on their back. This pack provides ample space for notebooks with up to 17-inch screens and also includes a main compartment for files.

Additional storage areas include a mesh water-bottle pouch and a soft pouch for sunglasses. Designed for comfort, this backpack has a place for everything.

Bake favorite quesadilla recipes right at the dorm in four to five minutes with this easy-to-use quesadilla maker. The 900-watt unit accommodates 10-inch fresh, pliable, flour tortillas and soft filling ingredients like shredded cheese, salsa, and shredded or thinly sliced pieces of cooked meat, poultry, or vegetables.

For best results, fillings should be spread as evenly as possible, up to a 1/2-inch from the edge of the tortilla so that the edges can seal together. Gently raise or lower the lid using a potholder or oven mitt and remove quesadillas with a plastic or wooden spatula only.

Sony Micro Hi-Fi Shelf System

Made for the iPod yet features bluetooth set up for other devices.

Delivering full-range sound from a small package, the attractive micro hi-fi shelf system lets you share your favorite music without a bulky audio system. Just connect your iPod via Bluetooth and you're ready to rock. There's also an included remote that offers full iPod menu controls.

For robust sound, this compact system features a bass reflex system that adds serious punch to the bassline. Single disc CD player with motorized slot loading. AM/FM Radio with 30 station presets (20 FM / 10 AM). Clock with separate sleep and play timers. Selectable Bass Boost and adjustable Bass/Treble.

The Sonic Bomb, AKA "The Bomb" has been designed with guys of all ages on a mission. Stealth grey color with red controls, night vision display and pulsation alert lights won't keep you in the dark.

Complete with ground shaking super-charged bed shaker, and turbo charged 113db extra loud alarm. A full featured alarm clock, waking up will never be the same with the Sonic Bomb.

College Student Gifts Top Ten List - Which in your opinion, are the best college student gifts for 2014?


e are pleased to present, The 2014 Top Gifts for College kids! The products and sponsors that we have selected are highly rated by cool parents. Best of all it's all packed onto one really big, easy-shop web page!

The Top 10 Gifts for Students in College 2014!!! This best of the best student gift list serves as a guide for shoppers this year. Lot's of folks have been voting for the best gifts for girls and adding new ones, below are the current standings.

Rock the vote, it's quick, and easy. Your vote counts. Something missing? SUBMISSIONS ARE WELCOME and encouraged! Add a gift you feel should be on the best college student gifts for 2014 list, just click "add to this list" below and get it up there for everyone to vote on!!!

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    • profile image

      eashan 3 years ago

      I wish someone had gifted me these things when i was in College .For more college stuff log on to ,the ultimate one stop shop for all college students. College OK Please is a fun filled site for humour, lifestyle, and more by Candid Marketing

    • profile image

      hbs929 4 years ago

      A lot of these items would be good for a college student. I think it is nice to have a list, because college students are hard to shop for. many of them have limited space in their dorm rooms so we have to consider that before purchasing items. I found some more gifts for college students at

    • profile image

      kiswara 4 years ago

      you can find any GPS Tracker models

    • garmin541s profile image

      garmin541s 4 years ago

      I'd give a Garmin 255w to a college kid. It is simple but very functional GPS to help one travel safely.

    • profile image

      coffeel90593622 5 years ago

      This list provides an excellent starting point for gift buying. Narrowing down the choices and showing some popular favorites is very helpful.