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Giraffe Costume - Cute Giraffe Costumes for Kids, Adults and Dogs

Updated on August 26, 2011

Giraffe Costumes Are Cool!

Here's a gorgeous selection of giraffe costumes for kids, adults and dogs. These costumes are endearingly cute and sure to be a hit at any party. Giraffes are cool creatures and the same goes for these costumes, they're fun, easy to wear and comfortable. You won't go unnoticed in one of these!

A giraffe costume is a great choice for any party, if you want to be the center of attention this is an excellent costume to go for. These are really tactile costumes, so don't be surprised if people stroke you!

See below for the coolest giraffe costumes around, they're cute, cuddly and fun. If you want to impress, this is the costume to go for!

Giraffe Costume For Kids

The cute-o-meter just exploded! These are adorable costumes that will look super cute on any child.

If the size you are looking for isn't listed in a particular design, go through to the products page where there are other sizing options.

This is a gorgeous costume for any child, it's easy to wear, comfortable and best of all they get to dress up like a wild animal! Kids will love these lovely costumes.

Perfect for any party, choosing a giraffe costume is bound to have the little one as the center of attention.

These soft, plushy costumes come in romper / jumpsuit form, so they're easy to get on and off. These costumes will have your child party ready in no time at all!

Kids will love wearing these costumes because they are plushy, wearing one of these is like being your own cuddly toy!

These are stand out costumes that are easy to wear and affordable. If you have a fancy dress party coming up, choose a giraffe costume, costumes don't come much cuter than this!

Giraffe Costume For Adults

Only one available currently, but it's a winner! This giraffe costume comes in jumpsuit form with a separate headpiece.

Just like the kids giraffe costumes, this one is also plushy. This is a stand out costume that is sure to get you noticed, and probably stroked!

If you're looking for a giraffe mask, these listed are the best of the bunch. Realistically lifelike, these are sure to grab everyones attention at any party!

Take a walk on the wild size and choose a giraffe costume, it's an excellent choice.

Giraffe Costume For Dogs

This is a cute one piece hooded giraffe costume that comes in 4 sizes.

X-Small: Back up to 8", Neck 8" - 10", Chest 10" - 14".

Small: Back 8" - 12", Neck 10" - 12", Chest 14" - 18".

Medium: Back 12" - 16", Neck 12" - 14", Chest 18" - 21"

Large: Back 16" - 20". Neck 14" - 16", Chest 21" - 24"

If you are in doubt about which size to go for, go larger to ensure that the costume fits. This is a cute, fun dog costume that will make your pooch stand out from the crowd!

Though not a costume, also listed is a gorgeous giraffe print bow for dogs, it was too cute not to list!


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