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Lobster Costumes - Fun Lobster Costumes For Kids, Adults and Dogs

Updated on August 26, 2011

Lobster Costumes Are Fun!

Here's a real fun selection of lobster costumes to choose from, for kids, adults, and even dogs! If you are looking for a fun, colorful costume, these are the ones to go for, they're so cool. Everyone can have fun with these amusing lobster costumes, they're easy to wear and look great.

Below you will find the costumes in seperate sections for kids, adults and dogs. There's a fun selection to choose from at various price points. If you want to get noticed at any party, these are the costumes to go for, they're bright, elaborate and quirky.

A lobster costume is a great costume choice for any party. See below for the fun range to choose from, you would be shellfish not to!

Lobster Costumes For Kids

These are some of the cutest costumes for kids around, there's definitely a major awwwwwwwwwww factor going on here!

For babies upwards, these lobster costumes are fun, brightly colored and most of all super cute. Your child will be the center of attention in one of these adorable costumes and they will no doubt have lots of fun wearing them.

Prices star at under $20, so not only are you getting a cool costume, they are affordable too.

If it's a really cute costume that you want for your little one or ones, these are a great choice to go for. They'll definitely stand out!

These are easy to wear, soft costumes that your child will love wearing.

There's lots of attention to detail that makes these lobster cosumes really stand out. It's a brilliant costume choice for any party.

Lobster Costumes For Adults

These are great costumes for any party, they're fun, easy to wear and highly noticable! If you want to get people's attention, this is a great costume choice to go for.

The first lobster costume listed come in 3 pieces, the slip over the head bodysuit, claws and a seperate hood.

The lobster pot costume comes in seperate pieces, you get the red shirt, hood, claws and pot.

The lightweight lobster costume comes the same as the first one listed. 3 pieces, body, head and claws.

These are great costumes that won't take long to get on or off. You'll be party ready in a few minutes.

If you don't feel like donning a full costume, go for a lobster hat, it won't have quite the same overall effect, but it will still get you noticed!

Lobster Costumes For Dogs

There's isn't lots of choice in the lobster costume dogs department, there is however, plenty of choices when it comes to size.

You should measure your dog from the base of its neck down to the base of their tail. The following sizes are for this costume.

Up to 8" X small

9" - 12" Small

13" - 16" Medium

17" - 20" Large

21" - 24" X Large

If you dog has a big build or is overweight, it's recommended that you go up at least one size.

These are great costumes to fit any dog.


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