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Give A Great Gift They'll Be Glad To Get

Updated on September 23, 2014

Here are gift ideas for everyone on your list!

Here you'll find great gifts for everyone -- family, friends, co-workers, in-laws or even the mailperson. You'll find tips on what, where, when, and how to get the best gifts -- gifts that will make the recipient smile over and over again.

I'll showcase great gifts and gift ideas -- including gift cards and coupons. I'll also cover what's appropriate and what's not and why; where to find the best gifts.

Not a creative thinker when it comes to gift ideas? Well, you'll surprise even yourself just by following the tips included here. You'll find creative and fun gifts but more importantly,you'll learn how to think about gifts and gift giving which will help for all of your future gift needs.

Who do you find to be the hardest people to buy gifts for? Put your answer here. I'll add more gift ideas based on your feedback.

Who Is The Hardest To Pick A Gift For?

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7 Great Gift Ideas For Your Boss

Make your boss happy at any occassion

Buying a gift for your boss can be stressful. But it doesn't have to be. First, remember that they are only human. They like the same things you do or someone else you know does.

The best ideas all have something in common -- they all take your boss' personality in consideration. For instance...

1. Personalized Gifts: If they own the company or are just spend a lot of time there, getting a gift with the company's name on it or a company slogan works well. If they have a sense of humor, make it fun -- maybe a joke or one-liner that includes their name.

Items can include: T-shirt or sport shirt, mugs, calendar, note pads, canvas bags, and lots more. Create Personalized Gear at CafePress or Zazzle.

Sports or Hobbies: If they play golf or tennis or goes to the gym, find something they can use. Again, personalized with their name is great. One year an employee got me a DVD of a movie he knew I'd like. This worked because he knew the genre I liked and he had the same taste in movies.

3. Goodies: Is your boss a chocolate-holic, coffee-holic or tea drinker? If so, put together a gift basket or box with gourmet candies, coffees or teas.

4. Sports Memorabilia: Look around your boss' office. Does she have a favorite football team? Does he love baseball? Get a shirt or jacket with his favorite team on it. Or a signed picture or ball by his favorite player. If a season pass is within your budget, get your boss one to his favorite sport.

5. Gift Certificates: Is your boss a family man who misses events with his family often? How about getting them season passes to a local amusement park or zoo? Or, gift certificates to theater?

6. Charities: If you boss is involved with a charity, local or other, you could donate in his name and get a card from the charity sent to him saying a gift was donated in his name or honor. This is done often when someone dies instead of sending flowers. Why not during a life when he can see the work that is made possible by your contribution to his charity.

7. Corporate Gift: Business or corporate gifts like bookends or pen and pencil sets make nice gifts. Many can be personalized with their name.

Bookend Men Pushing

Bookends make nice gifts for the business person in your life. From bosses or business associates. Also nice for the small business owner or entrepreneur.

Thoughtful Gifts For Co-workers

Co-worker gifts

Even though you've worked with them 5 days a week, maybe even for years, buying them a gift can sometimes seem daunting. Here are a couple of great ideas:

Theme Baskets

If you know them well, you can personalize the basket to them. If not, you can make the basket unique to you. Create a "theme" basket -- something that they will look at in there living room and remember you. It's okay that everyone has the same basket because they will all be talking about the great "theme" basket they got from you for weeks.

How about a movie theme this year. Your basket will consist of microwave popcorn, candy, a classic DVD, gift certificates or coupons to your local rental store.

Or, how about emergency-kits for their cars? Buy travel packs of basic first-aid items, a gallon of water, beef jerky, a flash light, and you have emergency kits for your co-worker's car trunks.

Be resourceful and come up with your own idea for a fun basket based on individual personalities -- a different one for men than for women may be in order. Think hobbies; tastes for treats like candy, coffee or tea.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Gift Clubs

A unique way to make a long lasting impression is through gift clubs. Many well known companies will provide catalogs where you can order three, six, even twelve month gift clubs.

You can find gift clubs for all sorts of products, such as coffee, tea, fruit, flowers, chocolate, teddy bears and much more. Find out your person's passion and find a club through a search engine such as Google or Bing or search for "Gift Clubs" and see what you get.

Gifts For Garden Lovers

For the garden plant lover, you can have monthly set of organic bulbs delivered ready to bloom. Even better, you can have them delivered in bloom. The perfect gifts for your co-workers can come once a month. Other choices could be chocolates or coffees or teas from around the world; beer from the continents; a bottle of wine a month; or even a case of wine a month! Gourmet candy or cheese and crackers are a neat treat as well and can be shipped from anywhere around the world. There's even a teddy bear of the month you can send.

Every gift, though it be small, is in reality great if given with affection.

- Pindar

Gifts For Moms

Group Portrait - This gift has special meaning for the many Moms whose children and grandchildren are residing around the world. This takes some advance planning, but it can be fun, a mini-reunion in the spirit of the holidays, and would provide forever memories. Showcase these photos in a unique way. For instance...

7-inch Digital Picture Frame

* 7-Inch TFT-LCD Display

* Beautiful Clear Acrylic Frame

* Works with SD, MMC, MS and xD Media Cards

* Easy Push Button Operation

* Automatic Slide Show

* 3 Display Formats

* Tabletop or Wall Mountable

* $89.99

For more information, click 7" digital frame

Jewelry Boxes For Her - A place to keep her treasures

Find just the right jewelry box for your loved one's treasures.

10 Great Gift Ideas For MOM

Gifts that mothers would love.

Spend time together - The last Saturday before Christmas (unless that falls on Christmas Eve) can be booked every year. Bring siblings, cousins, in-laws and out-laws together for one happy night of fun and holiday sharing. This tradition helps avoid conflict with the "other sides" of families who also want to share family time at the holidays, and it lets kids celebrate Christmas Day with their families of origin in their own homes.

Group Portrait - This gift has special meaning for the many Moms whose children and grandchildren are residing around the world. This takes some advance planning, but it can be fun, a mini-reunion in the spirit of the holidays, and would provide forever memories. See above for unique displays

Homemade Treasures - Many mother's most treasured belongings are ones that were made for her by hand -- a poem, a construction-paper turkey, or a picture of her house rendered by a child or grandchild. Whether artistically inclined or not, children both young and old can buy many personal and decorative items that can be made from craft store supplies. How about making her some perfume?

Flowers - Flowers are an indulgence that most mothers rarely acquire for themselves. 1 single red rose at her place at the table can be a delightful surprise. A bouquet of fresh blossoms on the mantle is uplifting at the end of a long day. Even a handful of wild flowers picked in a nearby field can strike just the right note.

Gifts That Are Personalized - Nothing says "just for you" like your mom's name or initials on the gift. You can have purses, coin purses, towels, bedding and briefcases personalized with your Mom's initials. How about a frame engraved with "I Love Mom", or a special personalized refrigerator magnet.

The Gift Of Cleaning - How about a "maid fairy" to visit your Mom's home and do the little jobs that she can't seem to find time for: Cleaning baseboards, fridge, dusting and waxing furniture. Imagine your mom coming home to find all of her treasured knick-knacks cleaned and shining.

A Spa Gift Certificate - Depending on one's allowance, this gift can include a facial, massage, pedicure, manicure and even a haircut. It's a rare event for any mom to be pampered in an environment of candlelight, soft music, and all the attention devoted to her.

Pampering Gift Basket - If your budget can't cover a day spa visit, do the next best thing -- a basket loaded with fun items for Mom to pamper herself: Bubble bath, soothing lotion, candles, and potpourri. Arrange to give her an hour or so to relax in the bubbles with the door locked and not a thing to worry about.

Handmade "Love Coupons" - An ingenious gift that can be created on any home computer, or handmade by any member of the family, "love coupons" are the Christmas gift that "keep on giving." The coupons are redeemable for cherished gifts such as: a back and neck massage, "I will do the dishes coupon," "We're going out to dinner," or even "A shopping spree by you for you."

Love And Appreciation - The gift of appreciation may be the lone most important item on the list for many moms. Some of the things mothers do for their families are somewhat invisible -- behind-the-scenes efforts that largely go unnoticed. Show your appreciation by giving your Mom an extra hug and a thank you for that wonderful meal she cooks for you, for taking you to your ballgame, and those personal treats she gave up so you could have what you wanted.

Each mother's "Secret Wishes" are unique to her. You know your own Mom best. A little time spent in contemplation will probably reveal your mom's secret wish.

Pamper HER With Bath Gift Baskets - What Any Woman Would Love

What woman doesn't like to get bath gift baskets?

Gifts For Cat Lovers

What every cat lover would love

Buying for a cat fancier is more simple than ever, especially with the selection and specialty items available on the web. Before you grab the first kitty-themed item, stop to consider the following idea. The best gifts for cat lovers are unique and specific to their cat.

Before you buy a present for the cat lover on your list, consider the following:

What type of cat breed does the prospective recipient most like or own? Many potential offerings given to cat lovers are also breed specific. If possible, get a gift that reminds the recipient of their favorite pussy cat.

If you are buying a gift for someone who currently owns a cat, find out the sex of the cat. Many cat-themed gifts are gender-specific, so you should ask what sex your recipient's cat is.

Does your recipient like to dress up their cat? If you are purchasing a gift for a person who likes to dress their cats in sweaters or other types of things to wear, your search for an appropriate gift will be much easier. Don't assume that the receiver dresses their cat, however.

Now that you've taken a few moments to think about your recipient's cat, here are the top 6 gifts that any cat lover would be excited to receive.

1. A cat-themed picture frame. Anyone looking for gifts for cat lovers would be pleased to receive a lovely picture frame to demonstrate their beloved pet. This is a popular gift to give and to receive, so it is common for avid cat lovers to possess more than one cat picture frame.

2. Cat-themed jewelry. It may be common to run across a lovely cat broach, pin, charm bracelet, necklace, or other piece of jewelry. For an even more personal effect, you can additionally have these type of gifts inscribed with a message as well.

3. Cat-related stationary, desk calendar, engagement calendar, diary, or books. Every New Year, hundreds of beautifully-designed calendars are available for purchase. You can also purchase cat-related stationary for your recipient. Another great choice is to find a nice cat-themed diary for your recipient.

4. Cat themed clothes and coffee mugs. Cat lovers will enjoy receiving cat-themed T-shirts and sweaters or coffee mugs.

5. A work of kitty art. A lovely cat sculpture can be a wonderful and whimsical gift. You can easily find all sorts of cat-related ceramic pieces, wooden sculptures, planter, fountain, or other types of cat art. For the truly dedicated cat fancier, you can even commission a local artist to paint a portrait of your friend's cat!

6. A gift subscription to Cat Fancy magazine! The die-hard cat fanatic will love a subscription to a cat magazine. If you can't locate cat-related magazines at your local newsstand, see your local pet supplies store.

Sushi Cat Chef

Sushi Cat (Japanese) Photo Print Poster Mini Poster Mini Poster Print, 20x16
Sushi Cat (Japanese) Photo Print Poster Mini Poster Mini Poster Print, 20x16

This is just one of the cute sushi cat posters. Click the picture to see it and others. What a fun gift for cat lovers and gourmet cooks.


Puzzles & Games For Cat Lovers

A Gift Card Allows People To Select Their Own Gift

Give a personalized gift card

Give A Personalized Gift Card

Don't know what to get Aunt June or your nephew or niece? How about giving them a Discover Gift Card. This is the perfect gift for those who are off at college or across the country. Actually, it's a great idea for any one who is tough to buy for. Maybe you know they love rock but you don't know which rock band they like. Get them a Discover Gift Card and they can pick out the one they want.

Tips On Gifts For HER

Gift Dos and Don'ts for Her

Here are a few fundamentals about the art of buying gifts for women that can make your shopping more pleasurable, more successful, and more timely.

Stay Away From Housekeeping Aids

Never buy your sweetheart a household appliance, or something that will make housework easier. This prohibition includes cleaning products as well. A new, high-tech vacuum cleaner might be something she wants, but not as a Christmas or birthday gift from her dearest.


Another thing to remember when searching for the fabulous holiday or birthday gift for your special someone -- a Chia Pet, or a house plant, is not a romantic gift. Your sister might like to receive a house plant from you, and maybe your mother, but it is probably safe to say that your sweetheart will be expecting something a little more personal. Plants and flowers are great for "no reason" gifts, Valentine's Day or as an adjunct to some other gift.

Lingerie and nightwear

Lingerie can be a lovely gift idea for that someone special. But stay away from the flannels. Buy her the sexy stuff if you're leaning towards a gift of lingerie. It says, I find you sexy whereas flannels do just the opposite.

Get The Real Thing

Jewelry can be the perfect gift for the woman you love for Christmas, but there are a couple of pitfalls to avoid. Remember that an imitation diamond does not cut it, either figuratively or literally. Imagine her embarrassment when she tests her new jewelry in front of her friends by trying to cut glass with it. Women have been known to do that, and she will realize it is a fake in front of an audience. Such a scene could have dire results for your relationship. Buy the diamonds.

Don't Trust Your Fashion Sense

Many men assume they have a good sense of women's fashions, In reality only a few do. Most likely, the clothing you buy will look wonderful on the rack, but end up to be the wrong size, the wrong look, the wrong color, etc. for her. If you give her clothes, she may act appreciative, but don't expect to see her wear them.


Wonderful paper, nice boxes, and bows that sparkle can set the stage, and increase your sweetheart's joy of your gift. Duct tape is never acceptable, and plastic grocery bags do not make appropriate gift bags.

Your Love Shows Through

Figuring out the perfect holiday gift for your special someone can be difficult. But following the above pointers will help you put a smile on her face this holiday season.

Gardener Gift Ideas

No matter what time of the year, there are gifts gardeners would love to get. And you can find many of your local garden supply.

Practical Gifts Are A Sure Hit

For beginners, gifts such as a shovel or trowel, garden hose or other digging and planting tools are perfect. Perhaps your gardener would like to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. There are certain flowers that will draw them to a garden. If you aren't sure about buying plants, a gift certificate to a garden supply store would be ideal.

Gifts By The Basket Full

A basket of gardening goodiescan be purchased already assembled, or find a basket and fill it with some of the items you will find in a garden shop. A basket of essentials is an excellent choice for the beginner. It could include flower seeds, plant food, a rain gauge, a Farmers Almanac, and gloves.

Gardening Books Make Perfect Gifts

Gardening bookscan be a treasured gift. How about specialty garden books, such as wildflower gardens, vegetable gardens, or drought-tolerant gardens. Or a book about perennials and annuals or the flowers best suited to their climate or type of soil?

Garden Stones

A garden stone is another perfect gift for gardeners and can be found in unusual shapes, or inscribed with famous quotations or poems. Kits are available to make garden stones with a child's handprint and name added to it. It's the making of wonderful memories for the child or gardener. You can also buy a garden stone and personalize it by putting your favorite gardener's name, or the year the garden was established. Personalization can turn a plain gift into something unique.

Hose carts and attractive pots for storing garden hoses out of sight are nice. You can find fun water sprinklers, like one in the shape of a dragon. And, don't forget birdbaths and bird feeders will keep these beautiful birds coming all rear round.

Fun, Exotic and Unusual Gifts

Gazing balls are available in all sizes and colors, and add a creative dimension to the garden. Gazing ball holders come in dozens of various shapes, sizes and materials, too.Wind spinners and flags can be found in a variety of colors. Garden flagsare a popular gift because they can be changed to coordinate with the seasons, or more frequently.

Animals, gnomes or angels figurines make great garden gifts. How about an exotic plant, such as the amaryllis exotica, a gift of unusual Iris bulbs, or a sago palm. How about an Italian herb garden, or a Shitake mushroom log?

Whatever your gardener's preferences are, you'll have no trouble finding them the perfect gift.

Books: Succulents And Cacti For Gardening Lovers

Gifts To Avoid

Do NOT Give A Live Animal As A Gift

Giving animals as a gift is NOT a good idea. I say this from my experience from working at animal shelters since 2000 and seeing the number of returned "gifts". Also, from receiving a Doberman puppy as a Christmas gift from friends in 1990. Ninja won our hearts, however, at the time my husband was disabled, we had 3 indoor cats, and I was working 60+ hours a week. Neither of us had the time a puppy needed. We fell in love with her and searched for 3 months to find her a wonderful home with a brother Dobbie who loved her and helped train her. However, it was a rough 3 months for all of us.

Adding a family member is a very big decision and one that is best made by the person who will be the pet's main human -- the one who takes care of him, loves him, takes him to the vets, takes him on walks (if he's a dog) or cleans out the kitty litter-box.

Even if the person wants a dog or cat, she should be the one to pick the animal out. Each of us has very different desires when it comes to a pet.

Beware of giving animals as gifts - Animals are not gifts, they are family

© 2007 Frankie Kangas

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Lately, I find that mom is tough to buy for ... she ends up putting it away or eventually giving it to one of my sisters. Therefore, I will try to send something edible or perhaps flowers. Nuts!

    • ErinMac LM profile image

      ErinMac LM 

      6 years ago

      You have some great ideas for gifts for dad. I really hate shopping for him because he is the man with everything.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Wait, you're supposed to buy your boss a gift? Great ideas for moms. My mother's birthday is today and have to go get a last minute gift. My sister already got her what I did. I think going to do some cleaning is a great idea.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Gosh, so many great ideas for gifts! I think I'd like a garden gnome.

    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 

      6 years ago from Ljubljana

      You made great list. It will come handy!

    • Pam Irie profile image

      Pam Irie 

      6 years ago from Land of Aloha

      I always favor the practical gifts.

    • FanfrelucheHubs profile image

      Nathalie Roy 

      6 years ago from France (Canadian expat)

      Some interesting gift ideas! I love those Bear Fetish

    • Wednesday-Elf profile image


      7 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

      Terrific list of gift ideas, Frankie. I like the 'gift baskets' idea. It's 74 degrees here in Missouri this afternoon -- odd (and lovely) for early November -- so it's hard to believe the holiday gift-buying season is not far off!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      The one house plant that seems to love affection is the TickleMe Plant. If you know someone sensitive they will love the plant that suddenly closes its leaves and lowers its branches when tickled

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Gifts...I find men the hardest to give gifts for..I just find things so limited for them..

      tv rental

    • rosytaylor profile image


      7 years ago

      Hi! This is an amazing and Awesome lens. Thanks for sharing such a nice lens. Nicely done, Keep up your great work!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great Lens Love the Chess Set, thank you for posting this and keep up the good work.

    • clouda9 lm profile image

      clouda9 lm 

      9 years ago

      You got Christmas gift giving covered ;)

    • CherylK profile image

      Cheryl Kohan 

      9 years ago from Arizona

      Oh my goodness...if anyone is left out it sure isn't your fault!!! What a comprehensive list this is. You've given very good advice in the Gifts for Her section...every year I have to tell my husband, "Do not buy me clothes, please". And almost every year he does.....arghhhh! Think I'll print this up and tape it to his forehead - ha!

    • Dianne Loomos profile image

      Dianne Loomos 

      9 years ago

      I had somehow missed the fact that you are a sculptor. That chess set is amazing!

    • blue22d profile image


      9 years ago

      Fantastic lens. Lots of information and well executed. Five stars and a lens roll. My I share a lens that has some what of a unique bent: Order Your Own Gift. Thanks for looking.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Another great resource for gift ideas.

    • kateloving profile image

      Kate Loving Shenk 

      9 years ago from Lancaster PA

      Thanks for the gift ideas!! I love the Calvin and Hobbs cartoon figure--making faces at me after a long night shift at the hospital! Lol!!

    • thepartyanimal2 profile image


      9 years ago

      Yahoo you are a winner in The Squidoo Home for The Holidays Lens Contest So Go Grab your badge.

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 

      10 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      These are some terrific gift ideas and a great lens.

    • profile image


      10 years ago


      to find out exact gift for our boss, teenage boy or any body is really difficult task for us. I think this lens is really helpful to them.

      I hope my lens also helpful to the people and Checkout here about electricians,

      thank you very much.

    • ldiliberto profile image


      10 years ago

      Great Gift ideas. I saw the Digital Photo Ornament you have on this page. I found some other Digital Photo Ornamnets that are really cool. They come in all different shapes, not just round like that one. Check them out at The Digital Gift Shop

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Quite an extensive collection of gift ideas! I'm going to buy a power tool for my friend who works as an electrician at General Motors. Thanks for giving me the idea! I also found this article about buying electrician tools on the Net helpful. Kindly drop by when you have the chance! Cheers!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I love your gift ideas!

      Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Great gift ideas and so many choices! Great job! I'm thinking about getting my dad one of Samsung's DVD players for his birthday. It would match well with our Samsung HDTV.

      Anne L.


      Read up on HDTVs and DVD players here!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      So many great gift ideas! Here's 5-Stars! Please feel free to stop by my Custom Handcrafted Jewelry lens. Thanks, Donia

      Handmade Beaded Jewelry Gallery

    • jtpratt lm profile image

      jtpratt lm 

      10 years ago

      you're got some really great gift ideas here! 5 stars...

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Well you just solved a small problem I had for a gift I just couldn't pinpoint - thank you for this! Favved on the spot (will need this again and again, methinks..) and starred to the brim, of course :)

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I just went and looked at the cards David Booth made in that card site. Man, I want some of whatever he's on! Hoo Hoo!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Another excellent lens, Frankie. I got a lot of great ideas for my friends. Thankss 5 stars and made a favorite. I love giving gifts.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      ***** 5 STARS! What a help this lense has been. I have tons of gift ideas now, thanks so much. You're one of my favorite lense masters.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Great information. 5 stars. I love the Calvin and Hobbes books. I have most of them but forgot what a great gift idea they are!

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Excellent information. You gave me some neat ideas for my mother who is an avid gardener and for my co-workers, who in the past have been hard to buy for. But now it will be easy. Thanks!


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