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Hallmark Elf Microphone is a Fun Christmas Gift

Updated on March 25, 2016

Sing Like an Elf with a Karaoke Elf Microphone This Christmas

Who wants to sing like an elf? Now you can with the Merry-Okee elf microphone from Hallmark. This fun little toy microphone plays music for six popular holiday songs and can change your voice into an "elf voice" while you sing along. If you don't want to sound like an elf, simply turn the elf voice off and use the microphone to project your regular voice as you sing along.

Learn more about this fun elf microphone and get ready to have some Christmas karaoke fun.

(Photo by Lisa Howard)

When your family gets together for Christmas, do you sing Christmas carols?

My family has never made singing an essential part of the holidays, but last year my daughter got the Hallmark Merry-okee "elf microphone" in her stocking from Santa Claus, and everyone had to give it a try.

The microphone plays six holiday tunes - “O Christmas Tree," “Deck the Halls," “We Wish You a Merry Christmas," “Jingle Bells," “Jolly Old St. Nick" and “Up on the Housetop." You just push a button to select a tune and then you can sing along with the music.

Hallmark probably would have sold a fair number of Merry-Okee microphones if this was all the candy cane-striped microphone could do, but what makes this Christmas karaoke microphone unique is its ability to turn your voice into that of an elf. Simply push the button under Voice that says, "Elf" and the mic will convert your voice into a high-pitched "elf" voice as you speak or talk. When you're tired of sounding like an elf, you push the button under Voice that says "You" and you'll sound like yourself again.

The microphone comes with a songbook with both the real and parody lyrics for all of the songs. Everyone in our family took turns using the microphone and singing along. The sound quality is pretty good if you hold the microphone at the right distance and sing loud enough. If you hold it too close or too far, or if you don't sing loudly enough, the sound quality can be pretty poor. But it's too much fun for most people - especially kids - to care.

As one Amazon reviewer said, "We passed it around at a Christmas gift opening party and even those who are shy became uninhibited when using it. The Elf button raises your pitch to the elf octaves and is quite entertaining."

(Image of microphone provided by Amazon. See link below.)

Get Your Own Elf Mic - And start singing!

Are you ready to belt out your own "merry-okee" tunes? Then click the link below to learn more about this microphone so you can start singing like an elf.

Hallmark Merry Okee With Songbook
Hallmark Merry Okee With Songbook

Microphone comes with its own songbook


More Singing on the Elf Microphone - Fun with the Christmas microphone

This is my daughter singing on her Merry-Okee microphone with the elf voice turned on. The sound quality depends a lot on how close you hold the microphone to your mouth and how loudly and clearly you're singing. Thus, she doesn't sound as good as the folks in the video above. This is more likely what young kids will sound like when using the microphone.

Christmas karaoke is more fun with an elf microphone!

See the Hallmark Elf Microphone in Action - Both kids and adults can sing like one of Santa's elves

More Christmas Music

Every day in December, Amazon will be offering free Christmas music downloads

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    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 5 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Oh, how fun! Love this elf microphone!

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      This looks like it'll be great for hours of fun!

    • Nancy Hardin profile image

      Nancy Carol Brown Hardin 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      I think it's a neat, fun gift, and I bet more than the kids have a good time with it after Christmas. Happy Thanksgiving Lisa!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      That looks like a fun gift - I can just see my little Grand-daughter having a great time with one of these :)

    • belinda342 profile image

      belinda342 5 years ago

      The Elf Microphone sounds like a hoot! Merry-Okee would be great for Holiday parties...

    • Corrinna-Johnson profile image

      Corrinna Johnson 5 years ago from BC, Canada

      This sounds like so much fun and I can just image the giggles and laughs singing along to Christmas tunes in a silly elf voice.

    • lkamom profile image

      Heather McGlaughlin 5 years ago from Marryland

      So cute, love the personal touch with your daughter singing with the elf microphone.