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Halloween Eyeball Shop

Updated on November 4, 2015

Eyeballs Are So Popular This Halloween And Here's Where You Can Find Them

The Halloween Eyeball Shop is an online source for all kinds of fun eyeballs. Scary eyeballs, candy eyeballs, eyeball recipes, eyeball balls...Come on and find the eyeball items you need to decorate, to eat or to play with this Halloween. Find fun costume ideas, party supplies, decorations and lots of fun eyeball recipes. Check out the Eyeball Pictures too!


How about some flashing eyeballs for your pumpkin this Halloween?

If you are looking for eyeball decorations, candy, treats, toys or a unique gift with an eyeball theme, I am sure you will find some fun eyedeas here. Just take a look at this interesting flask I just found...


Or A Zombie Eyeball Paper Weight?

What's Your Favorite Halloween Decoration?

Bats, Spiders, Ghosts Or EYEBALLS? It seems that Eyeball Everything is hot this Halloween season and it's "Plain To See Why!" (I do so love to be corny).

Do You Like Bats, Spiders And Ghosts Best To Decorate With At Halloween Or Are Eyeballs The Way To Go?

Eyeball Links - Find More Fun Halloween Eyeball Ideas

Have you been looking for an eyeball hat?

The Little Green Aliens from Toy Story have 3 Eyeballs! Here's a silicone mold to make a fun Halloween treat!

Eyeball Novelties

Need An Eyeball Coaster Or Shoes?

How about a pair of very cool high heeled shoes with eyeballs on them?

Coasters, bandaids, eyeball necklace or headbands, a refrigerator magnet, all with an eyeball theme.

Eyeball Light Sets - EYE SEE YOU

These flashing Peeper lights are just the Halloween decoration you need for your shrubs!

Eyeball Toys

Lots Of Fun Eyeball Toys For Halloween

I've found so many eyeball toys, including...and this is hard to say...eyeball balls. Try that three times quickly!

Eyeball Balloons - How About An Eyeball Martini?

Who ever thought you would be able to find creepy balloons like these!

The Bloody Eyeball Martini Recipe - That Eyeball Martini Balloon Made Me Thirsty!

Thirsty?  How About A Bloody Eyeball Martini?
Thirsty? How About A Bloody Eyeball Martini?

Look what I found at what to drink. It's a yummy and scary looking eyeball martini. It's made with two ounces of gin, one half ounce of dry vermouth, one delish green olive...just like a real martini but the tricky part is the bloody eyeball and that's really easy to make. Get a radish, cut a hole in the end and stuff it with a pimento stuffed green olive. Now the folks at what to drink put that stuffed olive in an ice tray with a bit of water, freeze it and serve it frozen in the martini. Yum...check the recipe out with pictures by clicking on the drink picture. The image is from what to drink and it's a link to that site.

Here's where to get these very cool martini glasses to make your Bloody Eyeball Martini in!

Eyeball Decorations

Eyeball Party Decorations

Eye, Eye, Eye ... you can find the eyedeas you need to decorate for your Halloween party right here.

Eyeball Party Supplies

Set your Halloween party table with these fun eyeball party supplies...Here's Looking At You! - Or Rather, What's Looking At You?

Eyeball Tattoo Hand Outs For Halloween - Fun For Trick Or Treaters Or Wear Them Yourself!

Creepy Deviled Eyeballs
Creepy Deviled Eyeballs

Deviled Eyeballs

Fun And Spooky Halloween Recipe For Eyeballs!

You will need 6 Hard Boiled Eggs Cut in Half - ¼ Cup Mayonnaise - ½ Teaspoon of vinegar - 1 Tsp Mustard - Salt - Pepper - Green Food Coloring - Red Food Coloring - Black Olives Sliced.

Take out the yolks and put them in a bowl with the mayo, vinegar, mustard, and green food coloring. Mix it up. Take a toothpick and drag some red food coloring over the egg whites like you see in the picture. Fill the egg whites with the yolk mixture and add a sliced olive!

The Deviled Eyeball Recipe is an easy and fun Halloween treat recipe eyedea you can whip up quick as can be. It's fun, give it a try!

Eyeball Meatballs And Spaghetti Halloween Dinner Ideas

Eyeball Meatballs And Spaghetti Halloween Dinner Ideas
Eyeball Meatballs And Spaghetti Halloween Dinner Ideas

The Eyeball Tray For Halloween - Make A Scary Dip And Serve It In This Eyeball Tray!

The Eyeball Tray
The Eyeball Tray

Funny Eyeball Eyeglasses - Goo Goo Eyeglasses, Hologram Eyeglasses, Funny Eyeballs And Glasses

GOO GOO Eyeglasses
GOO GOO Eyeglasses

Get those Goo Goo Eyeglasses by clicking right on the picture! Fun for Halloween or as a kid's party favor these glasses feature crazy eyeballs.

Eyeball Poppers - And More Animated Eyeball Fun Ideas

Set these Eye Poppers down on a flat surface and watch when they start popping all over the place!

Draw An Eyeball Tutorial - How To Draw An Eyeball On Video

Here's a great video to show you how to draw an eyeball!

Halloween Dessert Ideas - Make A Peanut Butter Eyeball Dessert

Eyeball Halloween Punch

Make some Halloween punch with eyeballs using Lychee nuts

Eyeball Picture

Eyeball Picture
Eyeball Picture

Easy Eyeball Cookie Ideas - Make Eyeball Cookies For Halloween

Use a premade cookie like Vanilla Wafers or an Oreo, dip it in melted chocolate and decorate!

Eyeball Triangle Picture

Eyeball Triangle Picture
Eyeball Triangle Picture

Ut Oh! No Eyeballs Here!

See No Evil Ripped Out Eyeballs Mask For Halloween!

Whoever thought you would find a scary eyeless Halloween costume mask on the Halloween Eyeball Shop page? I didn't, but when I saw this eyeless mask I couldn't resist!

Printable EYEBALL Coloring Sheets, Craft Ideas And Fun Stuff - It's Free eyeball stuff!

You can find so many ideas (EYE-deas?) for eyeballs at Halloween time. Here are some free, printables you can use to entertain your kids, make a favor box for your party guests or get ready for trick or treater's with some printable eyeball coloring pages. Have fun with these great eyeball ideas.

Did you find all the Halloween eyeball items you needed?

What do you think of the Halloween Eyeball Shop?

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    • snowflakeorname profile image

      snowflakeorname 5 years ago

      Love the martini glasses and the Halloween martini recipe!

    • TheZombieQueen profile image

      TheZombieQueen 5 years ago

      I think all zombies would love these yummy eyeball ideas!