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How to Create a Bewitching Buffet | Halloween Food Ideas

Updated on September 21, 2013

Fill Your Party Buffet with Halloween Food Ideas

Your Halloween party deserves Halloween food ideas that will delight, gross out and complete the party in a way that only themed food can!

We have a love affair with beautifully and aptly displayed food on buffets. Here, we'll take a look at food ideas and recipes as well as different ways to serve them on your Halloween buffet.

Are you ready for some Halloween?

Image used under license: © Karen Foley |

Cold Halloween Food Ideas

for your Spooktacular Party

Some cold food ideas for your Halloween shindig could include vegetables and fruits with dipping sauce or assorted cheeses (chunked or sliced). For a spooktacular party, consider displaying them in a different manner than the old, standard round platter. You could:

  • Use a themed basket or Halloween container for displaying your veggies and/or fruit
  • Use a large pumpkin as your container and a smaller one for dip
  • Make a Graveyard replica from fruits and veggies -- fruits and veggies can be cut and shaped to create elements from a spooky graveyard
  • Add some guacamole dip to get the weird, green color into your design

Coffin -- Keep Your Cold Foods Cold in Halloween Style - Serving Halloween Food Ideas

Inflatable Coffin Halloween Cooler Buffet By Collections Etc
Inflatable Coffin Halloween Cooler Buffet By Collections Etc

This coffin style inflatable buffet is perfect for keeping your drinks, dips, salads, vegetables and more at the proper serving temperature. I hate warm, limp carrots, broccoli and the like. They will stay crisp and fresh with ice below the serving dish.

Anything that has mayonnaise or dairy ingredients often need to be kept cold too. This affordable option is the best of both worlds -- Halloween style and keeping your food safe!

You can always use it for your liquid libations too!


Cauldron Cooler - Serving Halloween Food Ideas

Inflatable Cauldron Cooler (holds apprx 48 12-Oz cans) 1 count
Inflatable Cauldron Cooler (holds apprx 48 12-Oz cans) 1 count

For your drinks, you could also try this inflatable cauldron for keeping your drinks cool and refreshing during the party. Or, use it as an ice bucket. You always go through tons of ice at a party!

This cauldron will hold up to 48 - 12 oz cans.


Buffet To Do List:

* Choose my theme

* Settle on the menu

* Choose serving dishes/containers that reflect my theme

* Arrange the Buffet Table

* Add decor to reinforce the theme

Give your Halloween Food Creepy Names - and help identify what it is for your guests

Using place cards on your buffet will help add to the décor of your party. It also lets the guests know what's included in your spread. If you use recipes that call for food coloring, guests can become a bit reluctant to partake since it doesn't look "normal". I suggest using your creepy name in a larger font and then below it, tell them the traditional name.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Punch, Wine or Specialty Drink:

    Swamp Juice

    Witches Brew

    Mauled Moat Juice

    Haunted Hootch

    Swap Spirits

  2. Assorted Appetizers:

    Mystery Meaty Balls = meatballs, sausage balls, etc...

    Crude Crudités = Raw Veggies

    Severed Fingers with Blood Sauce = Bread sticks with Marinara

    Bedeviled Eyeballs = Deviled Eggs

    Spider's Eggs - Hard Boiled Eggs

    Guacamoldy Dip = Guacamole Dip

    Bat Wings = Chicken Wings

    Petrified Cheese Chunks or Log = Cheese chunks or ball

    Owl Eyes = Cheese Puffs

    Vampire Vertigo = Pinwheels

  3. Desserts:

    Black Cat Cookies = any type of chocolate cookie

    Boston Scream Pie = Boston cream pie

    Poison Apples Caramel Apples

    Boogers on a Stick = (green) Chocolate dipped pretzel rods

    Get creative with your names for desserts!

Spider Web Bowl - Serving your Halloween Foods in Style

Spiderweb Serving Bowl for Halloween Candy
Spiderweb Serving Bowl for Halloween Candy

This spider web style bowl will hold your Halloween goodies in style at your next party. You find a lot of uses for it! Fill it with candy, chips or place it on your entry table to add to the Halloween cheer.


Halloween Buffet

Halloween Food Ideas
Halloween Food Ideas

Image used under CC by 2.0 license, photographer kinwart

Spooky Paper Products for Your Halloween Buffet - More Buffet Essentials

72 Plastic Halloween Picks by FE
72 Plastic Halloween Picks by FE

Gotta have some party picks! Perfect for cheese chunks, olives, cocktail wieners, and so much more. Plus, they just add to the festivities.

Party Partners Design Retro Paper Straws, Orange, 25 Count
Party Partners Design Retro Paper Straws, Orange, 25 Count

The retro paper straws always make a drink happy!

Creepy Cocktail Vampire Beverage Napkins 16ct
Creepy Cocktail Vampire Beverage Napkins 16ct

Cocktail napkins work great for appetizers and/or drinks. Just the right size for a cocktail party.


It's all in the presentation...

Make Your Food Presentation Memorable! - Large and Small Props can make a big difference!

Not only can the foods themselves be Halloween themed, the buffet table is the perfect opportunity to add some more Halloween-ish touches.

Below are a few ideas to keep in mind as you decide how you will decorate your Halloween buffet table. Run with them and make your food table the talk of the party!

  1. Vary the heights of your dishes. If you are using flat platters for the food, use risers to go vertical with the heights. You can use almost anything to raise platters -- upside down glass and boxes wrapped in fabric or appropriate wrapping paper can be set on top of your table linens. Large cans of food, upside down bowls, unwrapped boxes can also be used as risers. Place them on top of your table linen and then drape them in fabric that matches your theme. Add some cobwebs for fun!
  2. Use unusual containers for things like wrapped flatware, vegetables and fruits. Think in shapes -- familiar Halloween shapes you can use for displaying your foods and whatnot on the buffet. Baskets, coffin, bat or gravestone shaped boxes.
  3. On a large scale, make a DIY coffin shaped box that will fit your table. Place your food on risers inside the box. Add a shaped lid and write something on it or decorate it with fake blood, cobwebs or a stake. Prop it so it is partially in the coffin.
  4. Layer fabrics and colors. This gives depth and texture to your buffet. Use elements like feathers, foam eyeballs, mirrors and candelabras to really bring the creepy, spooky feeling home!

A Skull Themed Bowl Set adds to the Party! - Halloween Food Ideas for Your Buffet

Glitterville Halloween Skeleton Mr. Bones Chip & Dip Bowl Server, 3 Piece Set
Glitterville Halloween Skeleton Mr. Bones Chip & Dip Bowl Server, 3 Piece Set

Touches like this skeleton chip bowl with 2 dip bowls (3 piece set) can add to the eerie feeling of your Halloween party. Use them for dip, a condiment, a sauce, a topping or to hold party picks.


Black (Gothic) Cake Stands - for your Halloween food ideas

Midwest CBK Jeweled Black Square Cake Stand, Set of 3
Midwest CBK Jeweled Black Square Cake Stand, Set of 3

This set of three, jeweled cake stand will go wonderfully on your Halloween buffet. They can hold almost anything and give you that vertical height that adds interest to your buffet table.

Don't place on your food on flat platters -- boring! Add some height, some interest and some fun decor that will make your table the center of your Halloween party decor!


Haunted House Silhouettes Centerpiece Set/3

Creepy Candelabras Package of 2

Tall Wire Dome W/ Stand Set/2

What do you Prefer?

Which Type of Halloween Food Ideas would you prefer for your party?

See results

Vintage Halloween Dessert Table - Have a look!

Vintage Halloween Dessert Table
Vintage Halloween Dessert Table
Halloween Food Ideas
Halloween Food Ideas

Halloween Food Ideas -- Halloween Buffets are the Best!

The thing we all like best about Halloween, young and old alike, is that it's fun! Your party will be the talk of the town if you add Halloween-ish elements to your buffet table. It's always the most visited place anyway, take advantage and decorate it up! It's fun and your guests will talk about it until next year's party!

Good luck!

Image used under license: © Karen Foley |

Do you have some bewitching buffet ideas? - Halloween Food Ideas

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    • Margaret Schindel profile image

      Margaret Schindel 4 years ago from Massachusetts

      As usual, you make throwing a great party seem like a piece of (pumpkin) cake! Thanks for all the terrific ideas. :)

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      Shinichi Mine 4 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

      What great ideas!

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      Some great ideas!

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      Fun lens. I love those black cake stands.

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      Boo-lessed ... Happy Halloween!

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      Happy Halloween

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      Very nice lens. I really like the jeweled black cake stands.

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      Alright, you've convinced me: I'm coming to your house this Halloween, since my buffet table doesn't hold a candle to yours! LOL!

    • profile image

      DebMartin 5 years ago

      Nice cupcakes!

    • Wednesday-Elf profile image

      Wednesday-Elf 5 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

      What 'funtastic' ideas for a Halloween Buffet. I like the 'fun' (not scary) part of Halloween. :)

    • Mickie Gee profile image

      Mickie Goad 5 years ago

      Your Halloween Buffets look boo-tiful!

    • BuckHawkcenter profile image

      BuckHawkcenter 5 years ago

      These are great ideas for those fun Halloween parties. Love the coffin ice cooler. My party this year will be great fun with so many new ideas.

    • ElizabethSheppard profile image

      Elizabeth Sheppard 5 years ago from Bowling Green, Kentucky

      Hmmmm.... maybe some peeled grape eyeballs, some spaghetti brains, etc. We used to love to feel these in a darkened room!

    • profile image

      GiftsBonanza 5 years ago

      Wow - such great ideas... I definitely feel like I'm missing out on Halloween and all the fun that goes with it!

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 5 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      Thank you for sharing these bewitching buffet ideas. Reading this sure got me in the mood to throw a party.

    • artbyrodriguez profile image

      Beverly Rodriguez 5 years ago from Albany New York

      I love these ideas. I want to attend a Halloween buffet!

    • SgtCecil profile image

      Cecil Kenmill 5 years ago from Osaka, Japan

      Wild stuff! This is all a bit much for me. Is it too late in the year for corn on the cob?

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      Great ideas for a festive and fun Halloween party! Blessed

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 5 years ago from United States

      So many great ideas! Bookmarking this one too!!! I love that coffin cooler! What a fabulous idea!