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Fireman Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Updated on July 1, 2014

Dogs in Firemen Costumes

There can be no doubt dressing up a small child for Halloween in a cute costume is as good as it gets in that area, but coming in right behind them is to dress up your dog in a Halloween costume; and one of the best and funniest ways is to deck them out in a fireman costume.

I don't think I've seen a costume on a dog that hasn't brought a smile to my face when I look at it. And that's no different with fireman costumes, as they work absolutely fantastic as a canine choice.

What I did in this article to help you out, is to include several different dog types to see what your particular dog may look like, or at least be close to looking like in a particular costume.

Get ready for a good laugh, as you know how dogs' eyes are. When you see them in the costumes you expect a look of amusement, but instead, just get that straight-man comedy look. I think that's why dogs in costumes are so fun to dress up.

Halloween Dog Costume

The first photo of the firefighter dog is a perfect example of how you can put them in a funny costume and they just sit there giving you that bored or straight-faced look.

That fireman's hat adds a lot to the look and in fact gives him the sense he's trying to be cool.

Firefighter Dog Costume

Dog in Fireman's Costume Appearing to Walk

Dog costumes which include the body in front are always hilarious to me. The way it fits around the neck of the dog, giving the appearance of walking while the dog is sitting, is great.

It would be especially fun to see when the dog would be walking straight towards you.

Walking Fireman Dog Costume

Little Dog in Fireman Costume

Again we have with the look of this fireman's costume the sense he's ready to go into action. Instead, the dog is just giving another yawning type of look to the photographer attempting to capture the moment. Pretty funny.

Little Dog Fireman Costume

Homemade Fireman's Costume for Dog

This is a cool and unique firefighter costume for this dog. It appears to be mostly homemade, and that tube on the side of the body, as well as the flames on the costume look cool. Now what I don't get, are those little footy thingies on the feet. They do look funny though.

Unique Fireman Dog Costume

Dog in Fireman's Costume with Hat

This dog is perfect for the outfit, and that look it's giving is wonderful. Those floppy ears and its apparent indifference to what's going on around him is another neat example of how dogs enhance the costume. In this case, the dog is as cute as the costume itself, somewhat stealing the show.

Cute Dog Costume

Dog Wearing Fireman Costume and Yellow Hat

This dog and the fireman's costume were made for each other. It doesn't get any better than this in regard to animal costumes. How can you not love the contrasting colors around the eyes and how it adds to the firefighter look. That little costume on the legs is perfect, and works great with the yellow hat and natural appearance of the dog.

Great Dog Fireman Costume

Dogs Wearing Fireman's Costumes

That was a lot of fun to me. If you have a dog that isn't too temperamental, and isn't hard to handle, putting a fireman costume on the dog is a great way to celebrate Halloween, or to use it in other appropriate circumstances, e.g. a parade or other festivity. Dogs in costumes, especially fireman costumes, will always be a hit.


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