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Scary Halloween Horror Sound Effects, Music and Noises

Updated on August 15, 2015

Ultimate Scary Sounds and Music for Your Halloween Bash

Scary Halloween Sound Effects

What's more fun on Halloween then having a stash of scary music, horror sound effects and strange noises as part of your Halloween fun?

Scary Halloween sounds are great when the lights are down low and an unsuspecting family member or guest is shocked by the unexpected horror sounds which get the imagination going and create scenarios that quickly create a great Halloween atmosphere.

Halloween sounds can be from a number of simple events, which when coupled with silence and the atmosphere of Halloween create great emotional responses.

Think of all the horror movies you've went to and you'll get an idea of the types of horror sound effects that could be included in your 'scare your guests' strategy.

When you're thinking of Halloween sound effects you can scare your guests with, there are things like music and numerous special effects which can be employed to get things a little lively.

Scary Halloween Music

One of the best scare tactics when using music is that organ sound we've heard so many times in horror films. If you have an organ in your home or access to one, you could customize your own horror music to spook your friends.

Or you could probably find some spooky Halloween organ music on the Internet if you click around, and will be able to download it to your computer or a device you could use to amplify it throughout your home.

Scary Halloween Sound Effects to Make you Scream

Scary Halloween horror sound effects

Now here's where the real fun can come in, as the number of side effects used to scare people are huge, and everyone of them used at the right time and place can really get people to jump.

Here are several ideas below. 

Scary Animal Sound Effects

Animal sounds are a great Halloween sound prop, and you could include things as simple as a dog barking, but then suddenly going quiet and growling.

Birds are great too, especially crow and owl sounds. The cawing of a crow is never a good sign on Halloween, and the spooking hooting of an owl always creates anticipation of foul deeds.

What about a cat screeching? Not only is it annoying, but raises the hackles on your neck.

Of course the wolf howling is always a major hit.

Another thing you could do is create a variety of these scary Halloween sounds with using one sound with another one to create a sense of foreboding. Works great. For example, a dog barking and growling and then the hoot of an owl or caw of a crow. Combinations work really good and are very effective in eliciting a response..

Scary Halloween House Sound Effects

What about all those noise we associate with fear and horror movies? What fun to include them in strategic place in your house for great responses.

The best sound effects for a house itself has to be the use of a door in a bunch of imaginative ways.

Two of the most effective sounds are someone or something knocking on a door, or the creaking sound that a door is being opened somewhere; talk about a scare rush. And how about a door slamming loudly somewhere? At that point people will want to go outside or start their scary story stuff.

Even better, like mentioned above, always include more than one sound when creating Halloween scary noises, and they work far better. A slamming door and a woman screaming. That'll get people's blood pumping. You get the idea. Combine sounds to get the best effects. 

One last house horror sound effect is the timely sound of a clock striking midnight or a bell tolling.

Scary Human Halloween Sound Effects

There are several absolutely cool human horror sound effects that really work, including moaning, wicked laughing from men or women, screaming in different ways, crying, sobbing or whimpering, groaning and one of the best of all, the steady heartbeat which after a while suddenly stops. Fun!

Just remember what happens in a number of scary movies where things really disturb you. What about someone screaming and then suddenly sound like they're getting choked? Or screaming that sounds like it's fading away as a victim is taken away by some unknown evil?

Of course the opposite can work too, like the type of laughter that promises something you don't want to know about or experience.

Heartbeats can be steady and then a slowing thumping as the life of the victim is somehow being squeezed out of them.

You get the idea. Again, think in terms of being creative with the foundational sounds and great, scary effects can be a lot of fun when using them on your guests.

Outdoor Halloween Horror Sounds

If you do anything out of doors on Halloween night, there are a lot of fun sound effects that trigger the imagination, and some of them may even be happening when you're out, like crickets and maybe owls hooting.

Other sounds besides animals and insects are the sounds related to storms like thunder clapping, howling winds, rain beating down, or any type of other sound related to the outdoors during the night hours.

Other Halloween Scary Horror Sound Effects

Not all living (or dead) things are human or any longer human, and that is of course a key element of Halloween lore and fun. That can lead to the sounds of ghosts, monsters, witches and goblins as part of the sounds of Halloween.

Things like eerie ghost sounds or witches cackling nearby are always fun, especially with the kids, and doing some fading in and out of sounds and noises always add to making it sound more real.

Another great sound is the shuffling of a monster walking while dragging chains behind him, or chains rattling off the the distance, but not distant enough. Add some monster grunts or ghost noise to that and it's a great effect.

And if you can mimic the idea that there is a torture chamber behind the door you're in front of, not too many of your guests will want to be the one to enter the room first through the closed door in front of them.

Halloween scary and horror sounds effects great for a Halloween Party

As you can see from the numerous ideas thrown out here, adding sound to your Halloween party and experience are a great addition to your fun, and it will have people talking about it for a long time.


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    • profile image

      angie 6 years ago

      lol so funny n that is a scary face:)

    • profile image

      loopartists 7 years ago is another great resource for free sound fx.

    • Stories Inc. profile image

      Stories Inc. 7 years ago

      Thanks for the tips, I'll keep them in mind for when I finally meet people that will give me a run for my money. Scaring my family and friends at the moment is just way too damn easy, it just isn't any fun any more.

      So, let's go find some sounds :)

    • profile image

      your moms 8 years ago

      =.= it is SO F**king gay!