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Cool Happy Birthday Poems for Brother

Updated on June 12, 2013
Happy Birthday Brother !
Happy Birthday Brother !

Are you searching for some cool and crispy happy birthday poems for brother? Then you have come to the right place my friend. Here a myriad of poems- yes all these are birthday poems and especially written for a brother’s birthday. Some of these poems are sweet as the nectar of some exotic flowers and some are sour like the unripe grapes. These poems are all original and you can pick one to write above the bright red gift packet which you have bought for your dear brother on his birthday.

About these Poems

All these poems collected here are written by my brothers and sisters, some are of blood relation and some are not. With their permission I have complied this hub to help you to choose from the best birthday poems for a brother. Yes, I know some of these poems may seem not very good to you. If it is, then just skip to the next poem. You can also check my hub for birthday wishes to brother.

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A Birthday Poem for a Brother

Brothers are friends

And more than that,

Brothers are brothers

And more than that,

Brotherhood is love,

And much more than that.

Wish you a happy birthday.

My Brother does Care!

I know about my feelings

My brother does care,

The grief and joy

Brothers can share,

Oh God make him

Happy always, please,

That is what I want and

Is my birthday wish

For you!

Oh My Brother

Brother, dear brother

I know it was not well

Everything in the past,

I did not do many things

Which I knew I must,

But still I know the bond

Of brothers builds on trust.

I shall say today that I never

Will left you alone for ever.

I Wish...

I wish much joy and pleasure for you,

On this event of your birthday,

Make our bond fresh and new,

The love and care which bind us,

Can be seen only in a few

Lucky ones like me and you.

Birthday Poem for Brother

Can you remember the days

Of our childhood?

The fishing and playing baseball

And all the mirth and laughter?

Though we are not as green today

Love between us is and will be

Evergreen for ever… Happy Birthday!

A Short Birthday Poem

Each year gives me the chance

To wish you birthday cheer

And I’ll say it again that

I wish you another great year.

Moment of Your Birthday

When we were little children

The days were carefree then,

How I admire your strength,

And agility, street smartness.

Still I think you are great,

I believe my brother

Has no equal and none

Can be better than him.

To God I pray for you

My brother dear on

This moment of your birthday.

Happy birthday brother poem
Happy birthday brother poem

Brother's Birthday Poem

I learned one thing

And you have another,

We fought the bad days

Shoulder to shoulder.

Today I shall say:

This day is yours

Enjoy your birthday!

Brother's Birthday Video

May this Birthday be Your Best

May this birthday be your best ever

Full of flowers and joy,

Cake, candles and blessings,

All you get a plenty.

May the coming year bring you happiness

And fulfill of your dreams.

Do You Know

Do you know my brother,

That I have still the memory

Of this moments of our childhood,

When the sky was bluer

And the grasses greener,

The birds love to chirp

Over the trees everywhere,

And we seemed to full of happiness.

I wish you a glorious birthday!

To You! Dear Reader

My dear reader, if you think the grammar of these poems is questionable then I am sorry. These poems are written by many youngsters who do not care about grammar while writing poems. They believe in poetic license for twisting the language as you like to convey the feelings. I also support their views. So, why are you waiting? Write a birthday poem for a brother in the comments section below.


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