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Harry Potter Party Supplies

Updated on August 25, 2011

Having A Harry Potter Party?

If you love Harry Potter and have something to celebrate, why not have a Harry Potter party?! With all the choices of characters, it's an easy theme for a costume party and there are lots of fun supplies to match the Harry Potter theme perfectly.

Below you will find a whole range of Harry Potter party supplies, so if you're having a Harry Potter party, you've come to the right place. Invitations, tableware, costumes, accessories, cake decorations and favors are all included.

For anyone who is a Harry Potter fan, a themed party is sure to be a magical treat that everyone can enjoy, even the muggles! Stepping into the world of Harry Potter can be a wonderous experience for little ones, so with a bit of creative flair it's easy to recreate the wizarding world to give kids a party that they will never forget.

Harry Potter Invitations

If you are going to throw a Harry Potter party,you may as well send out Harry Potter invitations to start the theme off.

Your Presence Is Requested invitations come in a pack of 8 with envelopes included. The inside reads: At A Magical Party.

The Fun And Magical Surprises invitations also come in a pack of 8 with envelopes included. The inside reads: Await You At A Party.

Harry Potter Party Tableware

Every themed party needs a well dressed table and totally in keeping with the theme here we have Harry Potter paper plates, paper cups, napkins and a table cloth. Everything you need to get that dull table looking like it belongs at Hogwarts!

If you choose to go for a Harry Potter party pack plus instead of buying the items seperately you will get: 8 dinner plates, 8 dessert plates, 8 cups, 16 food napkins and 16 drink napkins.

If you are opting for the delux party kit you will receive: 8 dinner plates, 8 dessert plates, 8 paper cups, 16 napkins, 1 tablecloth, a 24 piece black cutlery set (comprising of 8 forks, knives and spoons), 24 black cake candles, 18 12" balloons (6 gold, orange and black), 1 18" foil ballon with cup and stick, 3 crepe streamers, 3 curling ribbons and 8 Harry Potter invitations with envelopes.

With the tableware at such affordable prices you can ensure that your party table looks fit for the Great Hall! All you need now is some delicious wizarding world foods to tempt your magical guests with.

Scroll down for the cake and candy section.

Harry Potter Costumes and Accessories

You don't have to have a costume party in order to have a themed party, but if you choose to do so there are plenty of Harry Potter characters to dress up as. The basis of any of the students costumes is the basic house robe. Accessories can then be added to create the individual characters.

For other characters that don't yet have official costumes, most can be made up from raiding your wardrobe and getting a bit creative. Adding relevant accessories will complete the character's look.

Harry Potter Party Favors

Whether choosing a ready made party favor set or making your own, these little favors are sure to delight any little Harry Potter fan.

The party favor box listed to the right includes: a favor box, sticker sheet, glow stick, Harry Potter glasses, lightning bolt tattoo and a Headwig bean bag toy.

The party favor kit includes: a treat bag, lightning bolt tattoo, Harry Potter glasses, light up wand and neon bouncey ball.

Ideal for a Harry Potter birthday party, these favors are affordable treats that all the little wizarding world guests will love.

You don't have to spend a small fortune to have a themed party. A bit of imagination, some creativity and a few props will make for a fun filled celebration that both kids and adults will enjoy.

See below for Harry Potter candy favors to include in your favor boxes or bags.

Harry Potter Candy

No Harry Potter party would be complete without the weird and wonderful creations of Harry Potter candy!

From the delicious chocolate frog made from milk chocolate and crisped rice, to Bertie Botts yummy and gross jelly beans in flavors such as pizza, fish, mashed potato, gravy, sausage and lemon and pepper + lots more.

Why not chew on a Droobles Best Blowing Gum to turn your mouth bright blue, or squish up your face when sampling sour Acid Pops! Choose Bloody Pops for a delicious strawberry treat.

Harry Potter candy is ideal for fun party games, serve up the candy without any explanation of what's about to happen, there will be some surprised faces when confronted with some of these weird and wonderful flavors! Harry Potter candy makes excellent party favors too.

Harry Potter Cake Decorations

If you want a cheap and easy option when going for a Harry Potter cake, either buy a plain sponge cake or make one and use one of these handy Harry Potter cake decoration items to complete it.

There is a choice of different Harry Potter themed cake decorations to choose from, all easy to use and a cheaper alternative to buying a ready made Harry Potter cake.

To really add some magic to the party, why not add a sparkler to the cake to present it with a bit of sparkle and flair!


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