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Pirate Party Supplies

Updated on August 25, 2011

Having A Pirate Party?

Here's all the pirate party supplies you'll need to be the perfect pirate party host! From pirate party plates, napkins and cups, to pirate party decorations, invitations, cake decorations, favors, games and costumes. Here's all the pirate party supplies you could possibly need, all on one page.

Below you will find everything in easy to browse categories. We'll start off with invitations right through to costumes, you'll find all you need for the perfect pirate party!

It doesn't have to be Talk Like A Pirate Day to celebrate in pirate style, you can bust out your ahoys, aarrghs and avasts for any celebration you wish. Party pirate style!

Pirate Party Invitations

Get things going in real pirate style with these cool pirate party invitations.

Send a message in a bottle or choose invitations with vibrant graphics to let your guests know that you're hosting a pirate party, and you want them to join you in all the fun.

If you choose from the regular pirate invitations, you get 8 invitations and 8 envelopes in a pack.

If you go for the message in a bottle you get a 7 1/2" tall, 1 3/4" plastic bottle with a to and from sticker, invitation roll, ring, eyepatch and sand. The bottle opens at the bottom for content removal.

Send out those pirate vibes and set the mood for a pirate party to remember with these cool invitations letting your guests know that shiver me timbers, there's a pirate party happening and they're invited!

Pirate Party Plates

Aye! Serve up your pirate snacks and cake on these super cool pirate plates.

Each plate design comes in a pack of 8.

Make your party clean up hassle free with these pirate party plates. No worries about them breaking so you can be sure that from a safety point of view, there isn't going to be any accidents involving breakages.

Perfect for that pirate party table!

Pirate Party Napkins

Avast! Check out these pirate party napkins for all those messy pirates getting food and drink down themselves. Pirates aren't known for their table manners so have these pirate napkins at the ready for all those crumbs and spills.

Great designs for a pirate table fit for Jack Sparrow.

Pirate Party Cups

Serve up some magical sharks blood in these perfect pirate cups.

How to make sharks blood:

  • Make ice cubes out of a red drink such as Kool-Aid.
  • Serve up a clear colored drink such as Sprite
  • Drop the ice cubes in and see the drink turn pink/red!

It's sure to go down well with the kids.

Choose theses pirate cups for easy after party cleaning and assurance that they won't break. It's going to be a pirate party to remember!

Scroll down for more pirate party supplies to wow your guests with, there's lots more to see.

Pirate Party Decorations

If you're having a pirate party, you'll be needing some cool pirate party decorations to get the theme in full swing.

There's a varied selection to the right and below, decorations to fill the space with a hearty amount of pirate goodness. Though is there such a thing as pirate goodness? Arrrgh!

How to talk like a pirate:

  • Drop your G's. You should say sailin', drinkin', eatin', partyin'
  • Slur your words
  • Say yer or ya, never you or your
  • Be loud
  • Gesture wildly
  • Embellish. You didn't just see a shark, you saw the biggest sea monster that ever lived and it had 5 heads and a tail like a giraffe!
  • Call everyone Me Hearties or Matey
  • If you want to insult a friend call them a Bilge Rat. This is totally acceptable, the name comes from the lowest part of the ship, the bilge where rats live in stale, stinky water.

Pirate Cake Decorations

Need some pirate cake decorations? Avast!

Basic pirate sayings:

  • Ahoy! - Hello
  • Aye! - Yes
  • Avast! - Check it out
  • Arrr! - I agree
  • Arrrgh! - I'm very annoyed

Decorate your pirate cake in style with these easy to use decorations. Aye!

Pirate Balloons

These are perfect pirate party decorations that can also be used as favors. Fill your party space with these cool pirate balloons and set the scene for a party to remember.

Pirate Party Favors

You can choose from pre-packed pirate party favors, or you can buy the empty favor boxes or bags and fill with what you choose.

The pirates party favor box at the top of the listings contains: A treasure chest favor box, eye patch, pirate sticker sheet, pirate wristband, 2 pirate tattoos, a glow in the dark skull ring and 10 golden coins.

The pirate's treasure favors value pack contains: 8 treat bags, 8 activity sheets, 8 prism viewers, 8 play money notes, 8 eye patches and 8 whistles.

The wholesale lot pirate party favors include: 12 skull and crossbones favor bags, each bag contains, 1 pirate flag, 5 gold coins, 2 pirate tattoos, 1 gold hoop earring, 1 eye patch.

The pirate party favor kit contains: 1 treat bag, 1 black plastic telescope, 1 eye patch, 1 skull and crossbones ring, 1 pirate bandana, 1 paper pirate hat.

Pirate Games

Keep those swashbucklin' pirates entertained with some pirate party games.

Pirate Party Game - Choose from a pirate take on pin the tail on the donkey. There's a treasure map with an X marks the spot. Players are blindfolded and they have to pin the pirate on the map. The closest pirate to the X wins.

Pirates Bounty - Very similar to the pirate party game. This one has a pirate skull face on the board and you have to pin the eye patch on him while blindfolded.

Pirate Treasure Map Party Game - Another treasure map with an X marks the spot. Pin the flag on the map blindfolded, the closest person wins.

Gemmy Self Inflating Pirates Of The Caribbean Game - The aim of the game is to toss as many rings onto the ship as possible. Excellent party decortaion too.

Pirate-Opoly - Just like Monopoly, but with pirates. Buy and trade and get lots of loot!


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