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Hippie Halloween Costumes

Updated on October 2, 2015

Dressing Up Like a Hippie

The Hippie counter culture, like many fads, came and went in a relatively brief time, but the impact of the movement, if you want to identify it as that, has continued on to this day.

One of those elements continuing on is the way those back in the days of the Hippies dressed, which still causes us to smile, but also inspires us to dress up like them when we get a chance to at Halloween and other costume functions. Who can forget the ubiquitous "peace" sign with the two fingers raised, which has permeated cultures around the world to this day.

Of course what's fun about Hippie costumes is they make a caricature of the way Hippies dressed or groomed themselves, overstating or overemphasizing the look to make it humorous and a lot of fun (although it isn't that far from the truth).

So we'll see long-haired wigs, bell bottoms and colorful shirts and pants as the way Hippie clothing is remembered or perceived from the 1960s. Those are great elements to include in a costume, and why it's a popular choice even today.

Along with that, you could included fringed or regular vests (which was a staple of that time), a headband, beads, sandals and blue jeans, which never go out of style.

Hippie costumes are also a great way to go out as a couple or family to a Halloween function or party.

Man in Hippie Costume

If you want to put together a quick Hippie costume for Halloween, it's not too hard, as you can see in the photo below. Put on a head band and some beads ... and voila!, you have transformed into a Hippie.

Simple Hippie Costume

Hippie Woman Costume

When looking at this Hippie costume below, it reminds of some of those who were Hippies in the 1960s and 70s who took their counter-culture very seriously; speaking out against the commercialized look that has emerged concerning Hippie clothing. But isn't that the fun of it, overstating the reality in order to enjoy the fun of dressing extravagantly? We can't take things that seriously in my opinion, as costuming is supposed to be fun.

Woman Dressed as Hippie

Hippie Man with Long Hair and Mustache

I like the Hippie costume below. The vest, peace sign and long hair were close to what many Hippies chose to wear. But even if it wasn't, it's the type of look that always generates a chuckle from those seeing it. Growing a mustache was also a large part of the look back then.

Long-haired Hippie

Wild Hippie Costume

As you can see below, attempting to color coordinate wasn't one of the things that Hippies thought of, and it's one of the reasons why putting together a Hippie outfit for Halloween works for those who don't have that as one of their strengths.

Male Hippie Costume

Dressing as Hippies as a Couple

The couple dressed as Hippies below shows why it's so fun to go that route together. You have the matching head bands and long hair, along with the colorful shirt worn by the man and the fringed vest by the woman.

Seeing this photo shows why it's so much fun to dress up as hippies together.

Hippie Couples' Costumes

Hippie Costumes

Dressing up like a Hippie for Halloween or in some cosplay event is a real blast, and it always works. How can you keep yourself from smiling at the hilarious costumes representing a time when people weren't taking traditional things (including clothing) too seriously?


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