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Halloween Masks

Updated on June 30, 2014

Halloween Masks Key to Great Halloween Costume

No matter how we dress on Halloween and what type of costume we have on, the Halloween mask is crucial to making the entire outfit and look work, and so selecting the right kind for how you want to dress, and the theme you choose, is crucial to making it all work, and surprising and delighting your family and friends.

Masks can range anywhere from a regular mask made by a manufacturer, to those that are made of the quality you would see from a Hollywood studio mask.

Either way, manufacturers masks can be made well, and the decision should be based on what it is you're trying to look like. Even funny, cheap Halloween masks work when they do what you want them to. But the professional Hollywood studio-type masks work great for certain occasions too.

One thing to consider when looking for a great Halloween mask, especially when you want to stand out in the crowd, is search for masks made by new designers looking to make a name for themselves. They'll do everything to make something unique, knowing word of mouth will help establish them as a reliable source of cool stuff.

Remember, Halloween is only second behind Christmas for the most people spend their money on for special days, so someone that makes a cool mask and gets a reputation will be able to make a nice living based on great Halloween masks.

Let's look at some cool masks now to give you some Halloween ideas.

Witch Halloween Mask

What better way to start off our look at Halloween mask than the old staple the witch.

In the case of this Halloween witch mask, I like the way it leaves the area around the mouth open. I don't know why, it just adds something unique to it. The witch nose is great, being overstated as it needs to be. And the wart on the check really works good too.

Another not-so-obvious nice touch are those bushy eyebrows. Overall, a great witch Halloween mask if you want to stay with something that will always work.

Witch Halloween Mask Photo

Scary Halloween Mask

I don't know what this particular mask represents, but it definitely has a lot of fun things going for it.

The Frankenstein-type stitch on the forehead is nice, and the indented nose when included with those sharp, sunken cheek bones make it seem dehydrated and well...dead.

But the two things that are my favorite with this scary Halloween mask are the yellow teeth and that straight, black hair. To me the hair makes the overall mask work great, and would be a fun one to wear at any Halloween party.

Bizarre Michael Jackson Halloween Mask

Depending on how you look at it, this is an extraordinary Halloween mask of Michael Jackson. Talk about the ultimate in creepy and horror.

Wear this to a Halloween party and you might find everyone running to get out of there. This is just too good. I find it hard to even look at it it's so well done. And this was made before his death.

Creepy Michael Jackson Mask

Creepy Osama Bin Laden Halloween Mask

Now here is another creepy, freaky Halloween mask of Osama Bin Laden, and if you wear this, you could either be beat up on Halloween night or recruited. Either way, both experiences are not the ones you would appreciate. It will get you noticed for sure though, you can count on that.

Osama Bin Laden Halloween Mask

Horror Clown Halloween Mask

This mask will scare some people as well. Hopefully no kids will be around, as they'll never trust Bozo again.

I really like the eyes and mouth here, as they are really sinister looking and ready to do some serious evil.

But the thing that is really interesting about this is the little hat on his carrot-colored hair. It seems so fun and innocent until your eyes go down his face. Great Halloween evil clown mask.

Horror Clown Mask

Joker Halloween Mask from Dark Knight

Here we have the most evil of evil clowns: the Joker, and the mask is done pretty good. The face is accurate, along with the facial lines.

The one thing that seems to take away from it is the eye holes, which may be too large. Maybe it's the guy wearing it though, where his eyes don't convince you of his motives and insanity.

Not a bad Joker Halloween mask though.

Halloween Mask of the Joker

Really scary Halloween Mask

This almost looks like a Halloween mask straight out of Hollywood, it's so realistic.

The hair, the cuts in the face, the chewed up ear and the teeth all look like they're real. But let's face it, it's the dangling eye that would have people running when they saw someone wearing this mask coming toward them.

Great Professional, Scary Halloween Mask

Mask of Spiders Crawling and Attacking Man's Head

To me this was the ultimate in the scary masks and ranked high in one you just don't want to look at for very long.

You can see people giving you a few quick glances and their eyes darting away from the gross and realistic way the spiders seem to be attacking.

What really works with this is how far down the neck this mask goes. It makes it look like the entire body is being attacked by the spiders, and they're crawling up and down eating away at the tortured man. This Halloween mask would get you a lot of looks, that's a given.

Halloween Mask of Spiders Crawling on Face

Scary Halloween Masks

As you can see from these photos of scary and in some cases -disgusting - Halloween masks, that these would really give you the attention you're looking for, and will scare and creep a lot of people out.


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      very soon 8 years ago

      oh my gosh, some of those are really scary. I guess I need to wait until next year again to wear one.