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Horse Costume - Cool Horse Costumes For Kids and Adults

Updated on August 26, 2011

Horse Costumes Are Cool!

Here's a cool selection of fun horse costumes for kids and adults. A horse costume is a great costume choice for any party, it's cute, easy to wear and a comfortable costume choice. If you want to make an impact at any party, a horse costume is a winner!

There are 2 kinds of horse costume, the costumes where you dress up as a horse, or the costumes that make you look like you are riding a horse. Both options are available for both kids and adults. There's also a 2 person horse costume for adults that is really something.

See below for the fun horse costume range to choose from, this is a stand out costume that is sure to have you as the center of attention at any party!

Horse Costume For Kids

These are adorable costumes for kids that are soft, comfortable and easy to wear. Kids will love to play dress up in these gorgeous costumes. Perfect for any party or play day at home, choosing a horse costume is great choice for little ones.

If you don't see the correct size in the design you want, go through to the product page where there are more sizing options.

2 types of horse costume to choose from as mentioned above, the horse costumes and the horse riding costumes. Both equally fun and cute!

These are lovely costumes that kids will have a lot of fun wearing. If you want a stand out party costume these are great options.

The horse costumes come in romper / jumpsuit form, so they are really easy to put on and get off.

The horse riding costumes work by your child putting their legs into the costume so it looks like they are the horses back legs. Suspenders then keep the costume up. Both kinds of horse costume are simple to get on, so your child will be party ready in minutes!

Whichever horse costume you choose, you can be sure that it will go down a treat, kids will love either pretending to be a horse or riding one, there's lots of scope for fun with these costumes.

Horse Costume For Adults

If you want a stand out horse costume, these are the ones to choose from. These are excellent costume choices for any party. If you want to do some horsing around here's the costumes for you!

Just like the kids versions, there's a choice of 2 types of horse costume, the horse and the horse rider. Both of these choices are equally fun.

The first horse costume listed comes in jumpsuit form with separate headpiece.

The horse rider costume comes as the horse, which you step into the middle of and use the suspenders to keep the costume up.

The black stallion costume comes as a shirt, pants, headpiece and shoe covers.

The racehorse costume comes as a shirt, pants and hood. Please note that the race horse costume does not come with the jockey costume as shown in the photo.

The 2 person horse costume is beyond cool, it comes as a jumpsuit, head and parade feet. This is a super skilled costume design. The head is made from light weight moulded foam and latex and it has a vision panel that means you can see out but can't be seen in.

There's ventilation panels and built in fans to keep you cool! What a costume?! The head sits comfortably on your shoulders, so there's no neck strain and you are free to move your head about inside the costume. Shoulder straps keep the costume in place.

This is an amazing horse costume that ticks all the boxes, and best of all, it's made in the USA!


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