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Decorating with Indoor Christmas Lights

Updated on August 24, 2015

Christmas Lights Indoors

Indoor Christmas lights are only different than outdoor Christmas lights if you buy those that aren't made for use in both. And in the case of LED Christmas lights, while they're made for both the indoors and outdoors, the little fixture holding the LED lights wear out faster than the lights themselves, undercutting the strength and motivation for getting LED lights in the first place, which is for energy savings and longer lasting lights.

But most people at this time use the usual incandescent lights, and that's what we'll talk about in this article when referring to indoor Christmas lights.

There are so many types of indoor Christmas lights that work in our homes, like blinking musical lights, miniature lights, battery operated Christmas lights, icicle Christmas lights, bubble lights, and a host of others. I have most of these, and use them strategically in the house every year to the delight of our children and grandchildren.

Many Kinds of Indoor Christmas Lights

In my house there are included those big, traditional Christmas lights which are cone-shaped, bell lights which play our favorite Christmas songs, and wrap around some parts of the house. They probably are my favorites.

Our visitors always search around the house to find where we put the lights and which ones do what. As Christmas only happens once a year, we include a number of things which our friends and family forget about and so discover year after year.

Below is a great example of a different type of indoor Christmas light, these with a clear light surrounded by flower designs with a cream color and double petals.

Double Petal Christmas Lights

Decorating with Indoor Christmas Lights

Another thing we do is place Christmas lights in different locations within the house so people don't start to figure everything will be done in the same way every year. It's a lot of fun to us, and even with a little more work our indoor Christmas light decorations are a delight to our visitors and us, as we see the fun, joy and comments people say to us on how interesting and fascinating it all is.

Below are some gorgeous feathered Christmas light decorations with the shape of a heart. They are stunning to see.

Feathered Heart Christmas Lights

Frosted White Christmas Lights

With this article on Christmas lights, as you can see, I've decided to show some different indoor Christmas lights not seen that often in use. While some can be used indoors and outdoors, in general smaller Christmas lights look better inside while larger Christmas lights work better outdoors. Most of these are smaller lights.

One exception to that rule is the use of icicle lights, which are small but look big because of how many lights are included on the string. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, but of course are usually used outside.

Indoor Frosted Christmas Lights

Twinkle and Purple Berry Lights

I really like these next two sets of twinkle Christmas lights and indoor purple Christmas berry lights. They are unique, and any type of Christmas light that is unique, I like. My personal favorite is probably the purple berry lights ... of the two.

Making it look like holly surrounding the berry lights is probably my major reason for preferring them, although the twinkle lights look great.

Twinkle Indoor Christmas Lights

Purple Berry Christmas Lights with Holly

Wonderful Set of Indoor Christmas Lights

These sets of indoor Christmas lights are a great example of why I enjoy decorating so much at Christmas time. The large number of options, which I tend to be a sucker for, present a myriad of ways you can put up terrific indoor light displays to complement your overall Christmas décor.

And the best of all is family and friends love them, and they always remember the warmth surrounding the atmosphere these numerous lights and decorations provide for all, creating wonderful memories.


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