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Buy kids costumes :Kids Halloween costumes ideas

Updated on May 15, 2015

Ideas for Halloween costumes for kids

Halloween is coming and you must be looking for kids costumes ideas. Kids are the ones who really appreciate and enjoy Halloween the most, they get to become the superhero or the characters they watch on TV. Kids really love these costumes and celebrating Halloween, here are some ideas that might help you find a good costume for your kid for a reasonable price (most costumes don't really cost more thatn 30-40 dollars anyway).

Costumes look so cute on kids and toddlers, kids costumes change with the new cartoons, superheroes, games etc, but even the classic old costumes such as superman and batman are still loved by children, because they never forget these superheroes. You should buy the costumes as early as you can or you may not find what you are looking for, ask your kid what or who he wants to be this year!.

Ladies first

Let's start with the girls (boys are easier to satisfy, aren't they?)

The cute Little Mermaid

Disney has been successful in making Ariel loved by everyone. It's the favourite costume for many girls and it's very suitable for parties. Add a little touch with the tiara or may be the Little Mermaid wig, these can make a wonderful costume that all girls will love.

Explore all the available costumes, you will be amazed by the number of children, toddlers and baby costumes you can choose from, the ones in this hub are just suggetions of the best halloween costumes for children.

Costume ideas

See what a little wig can do? With the costume and may be some slight Little Mermaid makeup, she's Little Mermaid. There are many good makeup ideas for kids that can really make a great Halloween costume.

The little things add up, for example, if you are buying her a witch costume, you must not forget the wand, that way she won't stop casting her spells all over the other kids :).

Snow White costume and wig

This one is my personal favourite. It's just so adorable. Cartoons have influenced the costumes industry and designers are making costumes for almost every famous old and new cartoon character. Other popular costumes for girls may also include:


Sleeping Beauty costumes.


Witches costumes.

doctors and nurses costumes are also loved by many kids and let's not forget Harry Potter, Rubie's costume is now popular ,too.

Don't forget that the choice will change according to the age, interests of your kid. Also, consider comfort in the costume.

Click here to see the whole collection of more than 3000 Girls costumes on

Halloween costumes for boys: Ninja or Superman?

Of course he wants to be a super hero! Or may be a policeman, a fireman? May be a doctor? My personal favourite? the Ninja costume (with the sword, please!). Choose the one liked more by your kid. Swords, guns and special hoodies are also fun and comes with the costumes.

Choose the costume according to your child's age and interests, his favourite super hero or cartoon character will be perfect. Boys can pick crazy costumes some times or imitate their friends, no problem but try to find a comfortable costume because some boys costumes are hard to wear and sometimes heavy. Some more suggestions are :


A Pirate's costume (Captin Jack Sparrow!).

Harry Potter.

Star Wars characters.





Buzz (from toy story) or a policeman.

Now let's have a look at toddlers and baby costumes...

However, some boys may not find many costumes as scary as they could be (it's Halloween after all, meant to be scary, yeah?), you can find more boys costumes (and more scary costumes!) at the Boys halloween costumes page on amazon.

Halloween costumes for babies

photo credit:
photo credit:

Toddlers and babies are so adorable in costumes. There is a very large number of nice baby costumes, bees, lions, pirates, butterflies costumes, little princess, baby mouse, Pumpkin boy, rabbit toddler costumes and scoopy doo costumes all are available. Check them as well on Amazon.

Bestselling babies Halloween costumes at

photo credit:
photo credit:
image by Jerrico Usher
image by Jerrico Usher


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    • Mezo profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Egypt

      Yes, children give a whole meaning to these holidays. Nice choice :)

    • stocking profile image


      7 years ago from Fireplace

      We have to remember the kids are the main focus of these festive holidays, I especially like the pirate costume, that's what my son would be wearing haha

    • Mezo profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Egypt

      thanks for your comment, Princess

      Good choice by your son :)

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 

      9 years ago from France

      They are so cute! My boy is going for Spiderman this year, one of those costumes with the muscles buildt in LOL


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