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Updated on February 16, 2013

Looking for Change and Opportunity

In these days of great change and opportunity, and looking out into this world of constant commotion. It was diligence that made us put our ear to the ground. It was prudence that reached out our hand to the world and like prospective buyers kicking the tires of a brave new world to inspect what he or she might be committing to, we reached out to those around us for a little perspective.

The intention was to get a honest and objective review of the current state of our condition by filtering our conjecture through the knowledge and understanding of others. A true lANDSCAPES rEVIEW. A portrait of things yet to be done, solutions to be discovered, ideas shared and inspiration to be sown into the soil of our species. To motivate and inspire unity and the human potential to over come our challenges.

A first in a series of interviews, opinions and fact sharing initiatives. We embark on the greatest adventure of our time. Salvage and restoration. The reconciliation of schools of thought and the co-operation of us all. This is what it will take to transform our world into the world we want and have striven and sacrificed for so long to attain.


Briefly with Anonymous


Q:/ Money has many benefits and has proven a good exchange for goods and services enabling us to make and generate wealth for everyone.

When it comes to economic structures and models have their been any advancement in the localized and community base that empowers change and creates income equality?

A:/ While the global economy may leave things to be desired, it is worth noting that we quite likely live in the most prosperous time mankind has known so far. The standard of living of the "western" poor is above that of the wealthy of a few hundred years ago. Out sourcing and delocalized manufacturing seems to have the side effect of stimulating growth and enactment of labor laws in developing nations. All in all while there certainly are cases of fraud and billions go unaccounted for the economy seems to chug along fairly well.

Advancements will continue to be made in due time.

When it comes to local economies, I believe communal cooperatives are great initiatives, whether it be in banking or food markets, I believe this is a trend that is and can be reinvigorated.


Q:/ If our political leaders of our lands want to accomplish working with, for and because of the people what must be the first steps be?

A:/ Regarding the first step of governance i would say improving their accessibility might be worth while, that being said most politicians are already accessible -- it's simply not as apparent or well known.

Q:/ We have discovered the Youth Delegates of the world. We would like to know have you been in contact with them and how can we better enable them. What function and role can we participate in helping them accomplish their mission?

A:/ I believe the greatest thing that can be contributed towards the youth is education on politics and the political system, more specifically information that may have them realize there is no "us vs. them" and that working within the political framework to affect change brings forth results, much more so than rebelling against it.


Q:/ With the now more prevalent branding of evil in our society, art and our consumerism. Do you see these perpetrators of societal cohesion totally dedicated to their beliefs or are they humbug?

A:/ I do not believe inherent Evil, there are cases of sociopathy but in general we are all human beings.


Q:/ Is there new threats and new security measures we can take to ensure our data is secure and what new modes of operation have the espionage and thievery taken so we can take notice?

A:/ Pretty much every system is insecure, this counts for classic paper administration too. As long as there is a human factor there will be weaknesses to exploit.

The adventure continues
The adventure continues

Overcome Ourselves

In the end we can see that our greatest weaknesses to overcome from this portrait is ourselves. That our own corruption and instability is the very object in which we stumble over. From our broken hearts of mistrust, t the fear of living in lack. The insecurities we face as our egos and pride is attacked and the search for empowerment comes from external sources remains paramount we would continue to hinder our own growth.

This is yet one piece of the puzzle as the curator endeavors to complete the collection and authenticate a survey of land and time. We will continue to expose ourselves to ourselves and in this we can grow more focused on the precision of our actions.


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