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Easter Lights at Home

Updated on July 3, 2014

Decorating for Easter Ideas

Lighted Easter ornaments let you decorate your house creatively for the holiday. Whether you're throwing a party or delighting the neighbors during the holiday season, there are lights to help you put on a good show.

Buy Leaping Bunny Lights

Lighted window displays are easy to put up and take down, and make a pretty picture in no time! And for more elaborate displays, you can choose from various holiday-themed light strings to make patterns and pictures - as well as coordinating them with music to make an Easter light show.

Pastel light strings are also perfect for a glittering Easter tree, a lovely complement for your Easter Egg Ornaments.

I've chosen the prettiest Easter lights for you to browse through, and posted some really spectacular Easter light shows to inspire your creativity. Enjoy!

Easter Light Strings

Use your creativity to drape your house and yard with colorful light strings. Outline the windows, make patterns, even draw pictures of Easter decor.

Sparkly Easter Egg Lights

Easter Egg Light String

Sparkly Flower Lights

Candy Colored Light Strings

Pink Light String

Multi-Colored Easter Egg Lights

Lighted Easter Window Ornaments

One of the easiest decorating for Easter ideas is to place these pretty Easter lighted displays in your windows. The pattern is already assembled, just you just have to plug the lights in!

Pink Easter Egg Window Lights

Pastel Easter Egg Lighted Display

Easter Bunny and Carrot Window Display

Lighted Pink Easter Bunny Window Ornament

Lighted Easter Egg Window Ornament

Lighted Baby Chick Easter Window Decoration

Easter Party Lanterns

Paper party lanterns light up your Easter party or dinner in style.

Easter Egg Lantern Decorations

Easter Egg Paper Lantern

Easter Light Shows

These three beautiful Easter light shows demonstrate creative ideas for Easter lighted decor.

Easter Gifts and Decorations

Easter Bunny Jewelry: Gifts for Her
Easter Bunny jewelry is the perfect accessory for an Easter dress, and a lovely gift for any lady. Cheerful bunny earrings, Pandora-style charms, rings and necklaces.

Decorating a Dollhouse for Easter
Easter will be here before you know it - is your dollhouse ready? There are many miniature accessories you can use to decorate your dollhouse.

Easter Egg Games: Fun Easter Party Ideas
Easter egg games are great fun for holiday parties or for the kids after their egg hunt. You can also put a game into an Easter basket, or give small ones as party favors.

Make Your Dog an Easter Basket!
Make a beautiful Easter basket for your dog and share the fun. Dogs love toys and treats just like people do, and there are lots of pretty Easter-themed gifts for puppies.

Decorating a Garden for Easter and Spring
Bunnies are hopping into your garden for Easter, and sniffing all the flowers! Spring is here, the bulbs are waking up, and the birds are coming back.

Easter Dresses and Costumes for Dogs
Easter is a happy time of year for you and your dog. Celebrate by dressing your little punkin-head up all fancy for the season!

Beautiful Easter Egg Ornaments
Egg ornaments make beautiful gifts for Easter or any Spring occasion, such as weddings and birthdays. You can hang them on Easter trees or in windows, or display an ornament stand.

Lighted Holiday Decorations

St. Patrick's Day Lighted Decorations
Get your Irish up, and lighted, too, for St. Patrick's Day! Put up some lighted St. Patrick's Day decorations, pour out your favorite green beer (or green lemonade), and let the party begin!

Valentine's Day Lighted Decorations
Don't hide your love! Show off this Valentine's Day with lovely lighted Valentine decorations indoors and out.

Do you have an Easter light show?

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      WriterJanis2 5 years ago

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      Vikki 5 years ago from US

      Very cute; I love the lighted baby chick.

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      Very cure Easter decorations for the home. Nice selection.